Monday, February 1, 2016

Desert Hawk Tribe, Pathfinder Space Marines

 Did some work on my Dester Hawk Tribe of the Pathfinder Space Marines.

First guy in the squad to get squad markings. So will go back and do that soon.

But glad to finish this guy up as he has been on shelf for a bit.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Painting Challenge for 2016 and Additions to my Pathfinder Space Marines

 As I wrote about earlier, I picked a painting challenge to participate in for the year.

It took some time to find one that was flexible enough to keep me interested.

The one that worked for me turned out to be on the FaceBook group page of 1 Hour A Night

Found HERE

 The first challenge was two bikers and two scouts.

Just finished them today, adding a Silver Skull, a Red Talon, and a Dark Son to my Pathfinders.

Additionally, I did a scout from each chapter as well.

Group shot at the bottom of this post.

Feels good getting models painted.

Thanks for the read,


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pathfinder Space Marines, Brother Krintas of the Silver Skulls

Another noble hero is recovered wounded and cut off from his chapter.

Brother Krintas, Silver Skulls

Brother Krintas has been reunited with his Chapter the honorable Silver Skulls. A second founding descendant of the Ultra-Marines.

Before returning to duty on Varsavia, Krintas will sequester with the Pathfinder space marines for a period of time.

He has been outfitted with a new steed.

Having recently read Silver Skulls: Portents I felt inclined to paint at least on Silver Skull up.

A scout to follow. The paint scheme is very simple and enjoyable to paint. The background of the chapter is very good as well.

Thanks for the read,



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