Friday, October 9, 2015

Tactics: Dealing with Psyker Death Stars

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I recently attended the MI GT and saw or played against some very tough lists.

Currently a very common theme is the SM Librarian Conclave Formation.

It was in maybe 20/60 lists. Also prevalent where Psyker heavy Deamon or Eldar...or worse yet Deamon and Eldar lists. Dealing with Psykers is a must in current competitive play.

Much attention is given to Invisibility, but many other powers have game changing affects.

We know by now that the Culexus is the BEST counter to psykers in the game.

However keeping him alive, even with his great rules, and getting him to the right part of the battle field is another thing.

Here is a decent solution, albeit with some point investment. I have used the Culexus in 10 tournament games now and I struggle to keep him where the action is, or not over commit him. I tend to get all excited about his shooting attack, over commit, and get him dusted.

Since the GT I have been mulling over how to best use him without harming my overall list.

Here is the simplest solution I have come up with. Enter the Storm Raven gunship taken as a Fast Attack source.

Putting a Culexus in a Storm Raven will provide him excellent maneuverability. One must kill the Storm Raven to get to the Culexus or slow him down. A flyers natural durability gives him a enormous advantage. This is exacerbated by all or nothing lists that take no anti-air, almost guaranteeing he will be within his 12" range with is ability to nullify psykers.

Additionally, that bubble size will increase dramatically as it will extend 12" from the entire hull of the model.

The Storm Raven is an assault vehicle, so as long as you do not move over 6" he will be able to choose his place and time for a pin point assault.

This is not a bad investment as the Storm Raven remains effective anti-air or anti-infantry fire unit depending on how you load it out. I would tend use it for anti-air. Additionally it is not half bad with a TL Lascannon and TL MM to fire on Knights or other big baddies.

The ability to deliver a dread naught across the table into CC with a recently nerfed unit containing psykers is also a plus.

Putting your Culexus in a Storm Raven allows your anti-psyker unit to keep up with fast moving the popular Super Friend ulta-unit. Thus allowing you to at least target the unit normally, though you may still need to get past Re-Roll Jink and/or 2+/3+ host of saves.

The point investment her is noticeable, but not painful... 340 points (200 for the Raven, 140 for the Culexus)...not really that heavy a price tag if it can pull some other duty once in a while.

Depending on how your dice treat you, investing in a way to increase the reliability of your Culexus/Storm Raven combo to come in turn two may be warranted. Tigerius is nice with his reserve reroll or a Comms Relay etc.

Hope this helps some of you deal with uncontrolled psykers populating the game tables near you,


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Return of....some guy that writes on a blog few people know about, and fewer care about!!

It has been quite some time since my last post.

I have not rage quit 40K or sold any of my models.

I am still hitting the gym and doing some good work.

I have painted many, many models and competed in the 2015 MI GT.

I have changed the fluff background for my Iron Hawks and am so totally enjoying painting right now...right!, Whaaat?!...if you know me you know this to be a 180 degree turn around from years gone past where grey plastic was the table top standard for me.

In fact in my first GT appearance I snaked a top 6 placing in Army Appearance.

More to come my loyal 0 to 1 followers (Do people even read blogs anymore? Or has StupidBook taken over the world).

Promise pics in future posts.



Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FTGT Hobby Budget Challenge: February

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Well, I did not meet my January challenge.

I did complete the scout biker unit of 3 for $45.

I only got about 2/3 done with my Captain and did not touch anything else.

So, that leaves me $30 for January to add to February. With January calculations, post found HERE

I have $180 going into February.

So my Challenge is to:

Finish my Captain/Chapter Master : $15
Finish 5 Scouts (OOP) : $15
Finish my LSS (started pre-challenge): $35
Repaint my relic Predator : $25
Convert & Paint 1-4 more Inq. Servitors : $3-$10

If I get that far, I will start on my Bike Squad (5 with 2 Grav guns $60) with MM AB ($30)...Likely this will be my March Challenge.

I put up a Detlof display case for myself as an incentive. So, I need to bang this out!

This comes in at $100 or so for February...with the Bike squad coming in at $90 if I get that far.



Monday, January 26, 2015

Breaking in the new gaming table and production line terrain

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Well, I have not gotten much done in the last week on my FTGT Hobby Challenge. So, unfortunately no updates to share there.

I did get some games in with my step-son who is new to 40K and we banged out some Kill Team.

He won handily with a small elite force of Plague Marines vs. my Soul Drinker Tactical Squad.

We also pointed out an Iron Hawk space marine scout force and an Ork team.

Right off we noticed we need larger and more varied terrain to play standard 40k....

I had some melamine scraps I cut up quick, grabbed the recycle bin, some construction adhesive, and my caulk gun. A quick trip to Home Depot for some mis-tinted discount paints and a table or two of terrain is now in the making. I also picked up another 4x6 table to give us a bit more space and in a pinch with another 4x8 piece of melamine I can host 2 full size games concurrently.

Looks like some junk glued to hard board now, but will shape it all up before it is all done. My goal is to have decent, usable, sturdy terrain vs a beautiful battlescape that  is outside my abilities and time investment.

Though terrain does count towards my painting points system!

Here we are at stage one: Accumulate all the stuff you could need or use for the project:

Here we are at stage two : Lay it all out so can glue all at once:

Stage Three: Glue it up and wait

Yes, I did actually melt those two Ork vehicles to look crashed and burnt with a propane torch!!  Good fun, realistic looking of course as well!

Once it's dried I will set up a couple paint stations, then far have about 25 minutes in the terrain project...minus the trip to Home Depot of course...but I got a fresh Hot Dog while there so I am not counting that as work!

Thanks for the read,


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hall of Happenings : From Humble Beginnings

The, ahem..."Hall of Happenings" or my vision of having an awesome man-cave in which to do all things manly and game related is starting off very humble.

The project is limited by time and budget...but it is ON!  I set up a gaming table quick and easy and I am good to go until further work can be done!

Looked forward to my first game on this table of many!

....and yes...much work on terrain in my future....


Sunday, January 18, 2015

FTGT Hobby Challenge : List Plans

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I like to use Hobby Challenges from various sources to help me aspire to get more models painted.

Currently I am participating in the "Facing the Grey Tide" blog Challenge.

Here is a link to my January Challenge. I think I will up the ante for myself a little bit.

If I can complete any of my monthly challenges I will order one of these babies for myself:

Now, mine will not be filled with anime stuff, only 40k for my gents.

This way I will have a nice place to store my hard work!

Additionally, I have been working through a core 1250 point list that will play to the fluff of my army, be solid on the table top, have some answers for most things, and meet most any Highlander type list construction parameters.

Here is what I have come up with:

  • Captain: Bike, storm shield, Emp Wrath, power fist, artificer armor: 190
  • Scout squad : #10, 4 Bolter, one HB with Hellfire rounds, 4 Shot guns, 1 Sgt with melta bombs and storm bolter, Land Speeder Storm with Heavy Flamer : 178
  • Tac Squad: #10, Drop Pod, Hvy Bolter, melta gun, Sgt with melta bomb and combi flamer : 210
  • Bike Squad: #5, 2 Grav guns, 1 Sgt with melta bomb and combi-grav, multi-melta attack bike : 184
  • Scout Biker Squad: #6, Sgt with melta bomb and combi-grav, 3 grenade launchers : 138
  • Storm Talon with SkyFire Missile Launcher : 125
  • 3 Land Speeder Storms: Heavy Bolter and Cyclone Missile Launchers : 225
1250 Points on the nose:

From there I would like add an ally leaving a solid 600 point block for 1850 games. For the Iron Hawks I would add possibly a command squad, additional HQ, Thunder Fire, etc...but give or take a little tweaking...that is the core I think I will run with for my Iron Hawks.

While the 1250 does not have a large amount of fat to trim...there is some room should I want to squeeze things in...i.e. cut a scout biker or some melta bombs etc. Non-Highlander events I can build out the Scout theme with more scouts and scout bikers etc. Which I still plan on doing.

But like all things, one step at a time.

Thanks for the read,


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Iron Hawk Space Marine Captain WIP

Shot of my Iron Hawk Captain to date. Have gotten a bit more work done on him despite the rampant Chaos that is my personal and professional life right now.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

FTGT Update : January Challenge Iron Hawks Space Marine Scouts

This is serving as a dual post. First is an update on the FTGT Challenge and also I set up a make shift light box. Additionally, I took a few pics with my older digital camera and a less old camera.

I completed the 3 man scout squad and started my Captain/Chapter Master.

Here are some pics using new light box and older camera:

Here some pics using the less old camera and new light box:

Still working out some kinks with the settings on each camera to get decent pics...still seeing much of the reds washing out. Will likely look for a better back ground...made due with what I had.

Thanks for the read,


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Iron Hawk FTGT Painting Challenge: Update for December & Goal for January

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I missed my goal for December.

I did get 2/3 three scout bikers painted though and the third is 75% done. The scouts are about 40% done.

On the scouts I noticed the squad I chose were all bargain bin out of print models save the rocket launcher, who is a left over from another squad...this is netting me an additional $10 towards future months.

With this in mind my January Goal is:

  • Finish 3rd Scout biker ($45)
  • Finish Scouts....($15)
  • Paint Biker Chapter Master ($15)

If I can accomplish that I will finish the :

  • Land Speeder Storm that is 90% done (pre-FTGT challenge)
  • The second servo Skull for my Inquisitor Thaddeus (pre-FTGT challenge)
  • Re-Paint Predator Annihilator (pre-FTGT challenge)

With $150 for December and Jan minus $75 from above...I will have $150 going into February Challenge.

Possible Units:

3 Space Marine Bikers (2 Grav Guns) ($40 + $5 bits)
3 Space Marine Bikers, one outfitted as sgt. with combi-grav and melta bomb ($40)
1 Multi Melta Attack Bike (Bargin Bin out of print model $15)
Total= $100 ($50 for March Challenge)

Thanks for the read,


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Training Day: 14 and 15 : December 29-30

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Admittedly I fell off the working out and an enormous amount of eating...mysteriously I weigh the same.....

Staggering out of a food coma brought on by all the holiday excess of Christmas cookies, pies, roast beef, stuffing, crackers and cheese, and good wine I nobly waddled after the 'wagon' and took the reins once again....

This time I am armed with my ipad air 2 that I found a wonderful app for; entitled 'MyPlate' which tracks my progress with weight, daily caloric intake, projects caloric intake to meet my goals and assists me to basically know what I am eating...or the amount at least...

I have used this the last two days and it has shown me that I generally underestimate the amount of calories the food I consume contains. Now it is quite easy to do this with a #2 pencil and a $0.50 notebook versus the $700 ipad air2...but it is way cooler on the ipad and much easier.

I also did some research and purchased  a book and dug out my other texts on weight lifting and whole body type work outs. As I still will be concerned with strength ( I always will, that is just me) I will focus on Leg development, flexibility, and complex movements that work my core while minimizing my noticeable physiological imbalances...i.e. my Left army (which has a plate in it) and my Right Leg (which the ankle is fused) resulting in balance, range of motion, and strength differences that are profound.

With this in mind I plan to draft a serious of Work Outs to flip through as I have a mind. It is important to realize that whole body work outs are very effective, but eventually the weight used will make them inefficient and very time consuming....when this happens it is time to develop what is called a "split routine"

Enough blather...

12.29.14 Work Out 1

Body Weight 280lb

  • Warm Up 10 minutes (5 on treadmill, 5 on stair stepper)
  • Stretch & Core (general stretch combined with various plank exercises)
  • Goblet Squat: 100 x 10, 8-2, 6-4
  • Incline Iso Press: 115lb each side 6-4, 6-2, 3-2-2-2
  • Trap Bar DL: 335lb x 6, 5-1, 6
  • Standing OH Press: 135lb x 6, 5-1, 4-2
  • Chin Up: 20 reps with Green band 7, 6-1, 5-1
All exercises are done with High Intensity Training. This means that a weight is picked that you can get about 6 reps with (3 for DL's) then you complete 3 sets of 10 by getting/attempting 6 reps, a 20 sec pause 2-3 more reps and so on until reaching 10 (6 for DL's).

This combines Time Under Tension with Heavier loads. While I know I am out of shape, I can tell you I was breathing hard starting with the squats until I done. The decreased rest times, saw my poundage decrease per exercise which is tough at first to overcome with an ego.

12.30.14 Active Rest
  • Stretched & Core
  • Moved furniture up and down 2 sets of stairs
  • Generally higher activity than normal for 4-6 hours
The plan I worked out should have me at a strong, fit, muscular 225-230lb by August 1. This is no more than 1.5lb weight loss per week. This pace will allow keeping muscle mass and increasing strength. Building new muscle mass will be medium to low medium. The weight lifting goals you can see in my side bar and remain as my goals in that area.

Thanks for the read,


Monday, December 22, 2014

Iron Hawk Space Marines : Scout Biker #2

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Got my second Iron Hawk Scout Biker done.

 Next up is a third scout biker and 5 scouts to get my FTGT Hobby Challenge done for December.

Also got a few more painting points done with the second biker:

Lg. Base (+3) , Unit Marks (+1) , Based (+0.5) for 4.5 Painting Points.

Thanks for the read,


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Training Day 12 and 13 : 12.12.14 and 12.13.14

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Quick post.

Friday 12.12.14 : Survivor Holiday Party...dedicated day to prepping and working on this for all our Brain Injury Survivors

Saturday 12.13.14 : Wedding Anniversary....happy wife = happy, dedicated day to making this special.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Training Day 10 : 12.11.14

Another small win as I won the psychological battle of gym or no gym.

Legs and Shoulders:

Front Squat Sled: 1 plate each side 15, 15, 15, 15
Single Leg Leg Curls: 25 x 15, 15, 15
Single Leg Leg Extensions: 40 x 15, 15, 15

Standing Military Press: 95lbs x 15, 15,15
Iso Lateral Military Press: 45 each side x 12, 12, 10

4 Sets of Abdominal Planks

30 min on tread mill : 1.7 miles


Training Day 9 and 10 : 12.9.14-12.10.14

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12.9.14 : Off Day

12.10.14 (Wednesday)

Chest & Tri's
**Flat Bench: 235 x 10, 10, 10, 8
**Lying Dumbbell Skull Crushers: 30's x 12, 10, 8

**8 Sets of various Abdominal Planks

**30 min on treadmill : 2.17 miles

Some personal pride I made it to the gym and toughed through my wounded bull elephant run as I had a full day of work, my ankle was still sore from 12.8.14, and I had a function to go to across town for work from 5-10 p.m.

To make this workout happen I stayed up late the night before and prepped for the day and economized my daily efforts, most importantly I forced myself into the gym despite all the excuses I could have come up with for not going.

I am paying a bit of the price today, but it was worth it.

Thanks for the read,


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Iron Hawk Space Marine Scout Bike Sgt.

Completed the first scout biker for my Iron Hawks. Not the greatest pics, but happy with how it turned out.

Painting Points System : Lg Base ( +3), Unit marks (+1), Based (+0.5) = 4.5

Thanks for the read,


Monday, December 8, 2014

Facing the Grey Tide Hobby Challenge

So, I decided to jump in on the FTGT Hobby Challenge. The rules can be found HERE.

Basically you complete about a 1500 point army by assembling and painting a maximum of $75 per month.

I am happy to participate to keep my painting mojo going and give me even a extra bit of motivation.

I am going to use this to get more of my Iron Hawk Space marines up and running.

Since I just getting started on 6 Scout Bikers, seems like a good place to start...only problem is that a 3 man unit of scout bikers is $40 US.

I have to work this out a bit as my Iron Hawks are mostly a
scout army, heavy on the bikes...not sure I can keep it to the budget actually...but will get as close as I can.

So to make this happen for the budget consideration, I guess I will have to paint 3 scout bikers ($40) and 5 bolter scouts ($25) for a total of $65....this will give me $10 to add to next month.

Then just duplicate this next month!

Will take some time plan out the rest of the list as some time goes by...may need to plan on adding some point expensive units that are not too expensive in order to get everything in actually.

Right off we go!

Thanks for the read,


Training Day 8 : 12.8.14

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Starting to feel a little more spunky in the gym.


Stiff Leg Dead Lifts: 100 lb. dumbbells: 3 x 10,10,10
Single Leg Leg Press: 1 Plate a side x 15, 15, 1.5 plates a side x 15
Single Leg Leg Extensions: 40lb x 10, 50lb x 10, 60lb x 10

Shoulder Presses: 95lb x 10, 10, 10, alternating in front and behind head
Incline bench Dumbbell curls: 30's x 10, 10, 8

30 minutes on the tread mill: 2.08 was this tough after legs!

Thanks for the read,



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