Friday, November 27, 2015

Bran Clear Eye, Way Finder ( Pathfinder Space Marines Chapter Master )

Bran Clear Eye, Way Finder of the Pathfinder Space Marines.

Bran is the current Chapter Master and carries the Pathfinder gene-seed.

The Way Finder unites the Pathfinder Tribes and interprets the information that comes from the various sources employed by the Chapter to root out strips of information regarding lost brothers, lost relics, and of chapters nearly wiped out by enemies of the Imperium.

The Pathfinders are well supported by Terra and often ally with the Inquisition, other Space Marine Chapters, the DeathWatch, and various other Imperial forces as the situation requires.

Their ability and dedication in tracking and retrieving lost heroes and relics alike sees them hard pressed at times to choose the correct path.

The Way Finder holds that duty sacred and carries the burden that comes with it.

For to save one brother, may mean the death of another.

The Pathfinder chapter symbol can be seen on Bran's iron steed Storm Strider and on his left pauldron. It is a combination of American Indian and Nordic symbols for a Hawk and the All Seeing Eye/Wise Man.

Each returned brother will carry this symbol somewhere on his armor and may also carry his original chapter symbol.

Pathfinder's carry this and other symbols depicting their position. rank, battle honors, and squad designations. Bran is equipped with WayBreaker an ancient relic powerfist, Shield of Storm, Artificier armour, and as mentioned his iron steed Storm Strider.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pathfinder Space Marines: Brother Kranton, Sons of Medusa

At times fluff follows function.

After much, much consternation with finding my 'grove' with painting, I discovered that I enjoy researching a seldom seen chapter, looking at others' work and then trying my hand at completing a fig or two in a particular paint scheme. Then moving on, maybe returning to that scheme, maybe not.

This has worked for me and I have many models completed over the last few months. Well, many for me. I still paint by brush, so can not crank out whole armies in 30 days or anything.

Having accepted this is how I like to paint, I began mulling over how I can tie these guys together....and so the Pathfinder Space Marines were born.

There mission is a simple but very important one. One that is overlooked I feel in the 40k universe. The Pathfinders look for lost brothers and return them to their brothers. They also track and retrieve lost Chapter relics.

They are basically the ultimate Search and Rescue team. I am using the previously known Iron Hawks as the foundation members of the Pathfinders. These are the actual members of the chapter.

The circumstances surrounding the search and rescue of a lost brother determines the length of stay and necessary evaluation process involved to determine if a lost brother is fit to return to their Chapter.

So, every lost brother must spend some amount of time in the field under the direction of the Pathfinders. Thus their ranks will always be a panoply of different Space Marine Chapters.

Initially the Pathfinders faced opposition and suspicion from many existing chapters in the first 1000 years or so of their existence. The retrieval of many valued heroes and priceless chapter relics quickly launched them into a position of great respect and admiration.

For the Pathfinders also have many a victory banner hung in their haloed halls depicting their valor and success in battle.

From the experience of assessing, training, and serving with so many different Chapters, Pathfinder Space Marines are as adept in various Chapter Tactics as any Chapter of Space Marines (and thus I can field them with whatever chapter tactic floats my boat at the time).

Primarily though, they fight as either White Scars or Iron Hands, as their original leaders were successors of those esteemed founding Chapters.

The Pathfinders are organized similarly to a Tribal Nation. This is a salute to my Irish, Scottish and American Indian heritage.

So, with this I managed to tie myself, my interests, and my modelling motivation into fluff that works for me.

I plan to stretch out the Pathfinder fluff as I go along with the army.

Brother Kanton, a lost Sons of Medusa was lucky enough to be the last model finished when righting this post and is now immortalized in the inaugural Pathfinder post. I will post pics of his brothers soon.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Getting Back Into It

 It has been a little while since I regularly posted and I am happy to say I feel like getting back into it.

Felt right to start off showing a couple pics of my upgraded study/hobby/workout/man cave area.

Feel fortunate that 90% of the basement is left to do with as I please.

A good fair number of 40k games have already taken place in this hallow subterranean environs.

I general do my assembly, storing, and basing at the work station pictured. I paint mostly in my den. I will throw a pic up of that soon.

For me, I have been painting quite a bit and actually have some models to show for it. I have wrapped them together in some fluff that sounds cool to me and will present some of that in posts to come.

On the second shelf in the first pic is my lined up painting projects for the winter...there are of course many, many more unpainted models lurking throughout the basement as well. From Orks to Necrons to Chaos to Space Marine.

Then there is the top shelf that seems to grow by two boxes or blisters for every one I take down to work on. Recently added were another Imperial Bastion and a Storm Raven I won in a recent raffle tournament on November 7.

Will add the Storm Raven to my Pathfinder Space Marines and likely convert the bastion so the Heavy Bolters are more useful.

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