Friday, October 10, 2014

New Digs = New Awesome Sauce Hobby Space with a Sense of Organizational Accomplishment

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It has been a long haul getting into our new house. It all started on my wife's birth day when it came time to consider renewing our apartment lease...a few drives around looking for more space and 5 months later we are in new digs....with a whole lot more responsibility. came with a man cave...which I, of course, will have big plans for...I have already named my man cave....'The Hall of Happenings'

Hoakey, but I plan to get a gaming group together and build a charter etc. etc....more to come on that.

In the mean time I needed to go through all my stuff and decided to take on the daunting task of organizing all my bits and bobs.

I of course was unable to complete this in one go as I would be quickly over I chipped away at it and have conquered most of it. Here are some updated pics of my work space.

I actually have the luxury of two work spaces and find I like to store and build in the basement and paint upstairs where I am more accessible to the fam.

 Here is the pic of the finished space with all my bitz all organized for my CSM, Deamons, Space Marines, and Orks!
 Here are pics of all the cleaned out plastic bins and the discard sprue box...this took me like 4 weeks to get done...but I am glad I got er' done.

The bins on the left, which are seen as all empty were once filled to brimming with assorted bits and sprues.

The bins on the right are different units from different armies all bagged up and labeled in full unit choices ready for deployment into army projects.

It has take a bit of work, but I feel much better. I even was able to part with quite a few bobs and bitz some and complete kits and brought them to my local store to see if I can score a credit for a new kit or two.

Definitely worth the time. Thanks for the read!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Soul Drinkers Space Marines

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So one of the things that run through my mind when I read any 40k novel is...."I should paint a squad of these guys"...well that and how do these guys (space marines) deal with no female companionship; maybe that is why they kill everything...

Anyway, the thought of painting a squad while reading a book has been itching around in my brain case for quite some time and even made it onto my project list...

Thus, I am about half way through the first Soul Drinkers Omnibus..I had some paint...I had an odd squad of marines...and.... we are. I took the pic on my phone. Because it was fast and easier..and after two years I figured out how to get pics off my phone and onto my pc...yeah for me.

Still some work to do, but glad paint2brush2model is occurring again in my environs.

Thanks for the read, BDS

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Question on Light

Had a question related to last post on my work space. I incorrectly typed the type of light I was referring to.

It is actually called an OTT light. Here is a link. It is the best light I have found to paint to. It gives off very little heat and provides the best non-glaring light to work with.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

40K Work Space Nerd-gasm!

So, we have only begun to move in.....but of course I had to set up a work space in the ManCave ...

Which will now be referred to as "The Hall of Happenings"

This fall, I will begin finishing the basement for a proper ManCave with all accordingly awesome accoutrements.

With the stress of the move and demands of work...I needed to play with my man toys a bit.....


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Long Time No See

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So, I have been neglecting my beloved blog for some time. I have been working on this:

Buy a new construction home is quite an ordeal in many ways....

I have also been pretty consumed with work and working through some tough family issues.

I also discovered FACEBOOK and NETFLIX to my ultimate shame and have begun to detach from these heinously evil life sucks.

I have yet to get a game in of 7th edition...

So take this info for what it is worth, but in my quick opinion:

Space Marines (Iron Hand and White Scar Bikes), Shooty Tau, and Eldar will stay towards the top with Necrons coming on strong....AV13 with IC on barges taking the fore.

The toughest tournament list right now is a CSM spawn tide with Daemon allies:

Sorcerer on bike with mace
2-3 units of spawn
4 Tzeentch heralds
Screamer unit

add additional units to taste/points....

Have been hitting the gym regularly...see Face book :(....but not getting to where I want to be so will talk more about that in future posts.

For 7th edition I have decided to play Space Marines for the about a year or so :)

The army I am choosing is the 10th company or a scout based army.

Here is a  link to an ongoing discussion so far.

Glad to be back, thanks for the read!

P.S. How do you link your blog to FaceBook?!!


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Iron Hawk Librarian and March HPC Challenge Complete

Iron Hawk Librarian completed. The pics did not come out too well...think I needed more light.

The symbols are American Indian in origin. The shoulder pad is "Eye of the Medicine Man or Wise Man" the fairings have symbols for "Speed or Flight" and "War."

All seemed appropriate.

Thanks for the read,


Monday, February 17, 2014

Hobby Progress Challenge Wip: Iron Hawk Librarian (Iron Hand Space Marines)

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A WIP shot of my Iron Hawk Librarian with Mind Forge Stave.

I am wondering, though, which color to paint the feathered part of the bike fairing.

I am leaning towards Red as shown, but what about the accent color seen in the Scout Sgt. Imperial Eagle on his chest piece? Any input?

Thanks for the read,


Friday, February 14, 2014

HPC 2014 March Project: Iron Hand Librarian (Iron Hawk Clan)

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Next up on my painting table for the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge (HPC).

This is my March Commitment, so I am actually ahead of schedule!!

Getting stoked about having a new painted army to play with. Few hobby related feelings better than putting newly painted figures in a brand new foam insert....I am such a nerd!!

Thanks for the read,


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge: February Complete

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I have been working diligently on these guys and managed to get them done well ahead of the end of the month. I now have the scheme down pat and rest should go much quicker.

I am still on the fence on a chapter badge, but have some ideas.

I plan to do better pictures either once a month or at end of challenge.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

2.8.14 TFH 2nd Annual Push/Pull Meet

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Just a quick update on how the Power Lifting Meet went. Videos and more pics to follow. I ended up taking first in my age and weight class of 3 lifters. I missed attempts at personal records on bench but hit a meet and personal record for Dead Lift:

Ended up with 832.6lb total for the two lifts. With a 319 Bench and 512 Dead Lift. Weights were in Kg so that is reason for weird lbs. Had fun and plan to make great progress this year. Next meet is the Senior Nationals in June.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Update: Painting Challenge and Power Lifting Meet next weekend!

Time for an update on a couple things this blog is about: 40k and Weight Lifting:

A "Thank You" to Dark Future Games for the tip off to the Independent Characters 2014 Painting Challenge. It has begun, but there is plenty of time to get in on the action. I signed up to the Forum and got all my stuff up and running with little you could too!

(Follow the links above to review those items if you wish. You can follow my progress HERE)

This is a pic of where I am going with my Iron Hawk Space Marines painting wise:

Next Up I am competing in a "Push/Pull" Power Lifting meet next Saturday the 8th of February. You can see my Training Log Page up top or Click Here.

Push/Pull means Bench Press and Dead Lift. I am hoping to hit the 275lb class Masters II RAW. Raw means no lifting suit or knee wraps. I also chose to not use wrist straps or a weight lifting belt; which are allowed.

Hoping on Pulling 475lb+ and Bench 390lb+ for a total somewhere over 850lbs. Wish me luck. Here is a vid from last years Bench Only meet....and, yeah those singlets are required and oh so uncomplimentary...unless your The Rock!

And  link to my Last meet where I Dead Lifted and set Personal Record: is best not to take yourself too seriously..."Hairless Albino Hill Troll" kinds sums up how I feel about wearing that singlet....hehe.

Anyways, for those interested....thanks much for the read,


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chaos Marines Take Win at Local Tournament


Beginning third turn I saw I started to back off. Tabling my opponent was not required to obtain the win, so I put some units out to get shot up, but protected the objectives and held on to end of game for the win.

So I had a proud moment recently.... I won a local tournament with a fully painted army. Despite the temptation I decided to bring only painted models, so I made the best list I could with what I had:

5 Plague Marines, 2 plasma
5 Plague Marines, 2 melta, mb, rhino, dirge caster
10 Plague Zombies
5 Spawn with MoN
5 Spawn with MoN
Obliterator MoN
Obliterator MoN
Defiler, TL Lascannon, 2 Havoc Launchers, dirge Caster, soul blaze
Imperial Bastion w/quad gun

I opted out for allies, forge world, formations, or data slates...all of which were allowed. Point total as 1500.

Game 1

Pure Necrons. 4 Objectives, Dawn of War.
List from memory was:
10-15 warriors
2 Annihilation Barges
6 Wraiths w/whip coils
Storm Lord
3 or 4 Night Scythes w/5-10 Warriors ea (can't remember exactly)
Aegis Defence Line w/quad gun

Here is a pic of my deployment.

In all three games I started the Zombie and Rhino squad with melta in reserve.

We had some discussion on rules to get started but worked them out and ended the game on a positive note.

I have faced Necrons many times. I focused my limited fire power on on the wraiths first two turns because I did not want them to tie up my spawn. I knew I could not get caught in the open versus the annihilation barges and night scythes.

My spawn and Typhus rushed the woods in the middle of the table and got the lord and large unit of warriors in assault the second turn, killing them and threatening the lord. Oblits and melta took down the remaining wraiths and anny barges.

Game 2

Tau w/Tau Allies (*Not sure I have all the units right, but from memory)

Guy from supplement with the 4d6 deny the witch relic
Unit of marker drones
2 Riptides one from each from codex and supplement
Unit of suits with missile pods and some drones
Commander with suits with TL fusion guns, some drones
2 units of 10-12 Kroot
A forge world flyer with a bajillion shots

This game was in my favor when 3 things happened....

The mission was Big Guns Never Tire on the Football Field. First I won roll for sides and took the side that had best cover. Second, that roll gave me 2 objectives to his 1. Third I did not do anything stupid and played the mission.

While he advanced I focused all fire on the marker light unit, which he had an IC with that ended up giving me first blood and removing all but two of the marker lights

Basically I castled up and made him come to me, weathering his shooting and bubble wrapping my Defiler in kind a false show of my concern for it. He saw this coming turn two and made a move Deep Striking in and blowing up my bastion.

He did not jump back far enough and Typhus and Spawn caught him in assault, this allowed me to leap frog that Typhus and spawn and eventually they accounted for the a Commander and suit squad, a Riptide, a Kroot squad, and  the missile suit squad.

Meanwhile I took the hits from the other riptide, finally tying it up in CC with Plague Marines. My second spawn squad used the two remaining marker drones to get an assault to help me get to his backfield objective and clear the Kroot off.

This was a solid tournament Tau list and I was lucky the objectives and deployment went my way...then I did not screw it up... ;)

Game 3
Scouring with Diagonal Deployment.

List was:
Lord that can score and switch bodies if killed ...Trazyn?
Mind Shackle Lord
10 Immortals
20 Warriors
Ghost Ark
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
30 Zombies
5 CSM;s

Sorry, no pics...was getting tired and concentrating.

In this game I ended up losing first turn and choice of deployment, but ended up with a 4, 3, and 2 objective.

In summary, my opponent made a big push for the 4pt objective with Typhus and spawn, Ghost Ark, Monolith, and 20 or so warriors. I made a fake push to defend it, a Oblit blowing up the Monolith then holding the flank with zombies and defiler.

Meanwhile on Spawn unit clear the right side of the table holding a 2, 2, 3 point objective. The second spawn unit ran after the back end of the strung out zombie/Typhus unit engaging lightly on the far end...this made them all turn around and head back from where they came. Turn five saw me holding 4 objectives to 0 for the tournament win.

So I was really pleased to finally take an all painted list to a tournament and come out on top. I ended up picking up some paints with the store creds.

List Review:

Typhus...outstanding...sometimes lack of eternal warrior and T5 is a liability for getting tapped out, but he did very well.

Spawn w/MoN...can not say enough about these guys their speed plus toughness just lets you do so much.

Defiler...I used the Havoc launchers more than the battle was a big and expensive deterrent, I forgot to use the soul blaze all day and range on the dirge caster is too short to be used by this list.

Rest of the list was as expected, though the Oblits were also very productive. Single oblits rist giving a KP, do not fail just die. But juggling the weapons is very useful.

Here is the list moving to 1850 and after a few tweaks...I have not worked it all out, but this is the direction, though I keep juggling the HQ's and 2 or 3 units of spawn:

Lord, Jugger, Ax of Blind Fury
5 Spawn
5 Spawn
3 x 10 cultists
3 x 1 Oblits with MoN
10 Noise Marines w/2 Blast masters, 3 sonic blasters
Imperial bastion

Black Legion Allies
Lord on Bike, MoN, 4+ invul, Hand of Death, Spineshiver blade
10 cultists
1 Oblit with MoN
5 Spawn with MoN

Time to get 40 cultists, an Oblit, and a Lord in a tall order for me.

Thanks for the read,


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Let's Roll in the New Year!

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I am mercifully not doing a "2013: The Year in Review" post.

I have instead updated "Painting Point System" page with a little info.

I have also uploaded my 2014 work out plan and weight goals on the "2014 Training" page. If i get all my lifting goals, I should look like this guy!....well maybe a paler, fatter, less muscular version....well maybe we will both be bald and have facial hair?!

Check them out if your interested.

You can also find my goals in the side bar, and further down you can find some links to a couple successful lifts I had at the 2013 Fall APF Power Lifting meet.

I am still working on my Iron Hawks Scouts army and will post pictures as I get them done and hopefully get some games in with them.

I have purchased and downloaded the rules for Kill Team and they are pretty cool. I think I will work on a Henchmen list from Codex Inquisition and of course my Iron Hawks.

I am attending a local tournament on Jan 11 at Flat Land Games. For this I will be playing Chaos Marines/Black Legion as I have made a commitment to only play games with painted my choices are not quite limited.

Look for progress posts on my ongoing pages and reports on my gaming in the new year.

Thanks for the read,


Monday, December 30, 2013

The 40K Tournament Sky is NOT Falling. Remain Calm

I do not write too many editorials, as I want my fun time Hobby to be, well, a fun time. Editorials by the name alone are all serious and reflect on those “concerning” things, and all.

Despite my avoidance, I was compelled to talk a minute about Tournament 40K. The “Net” is abuzz on how the current rules set, Over The Top (OTT) army lists, and rapid release schedule of  codex’s, supplements, detachments, special detachments, super special detachments, data slates, etc. are making the Tournament waters so muddied…we must all run and hide and just stop organizing tournaments all together!! Hurry run!! Competitive 40K is dead, dead I tell you….”It’s over man, Game Over!”

I would advocate, everyone just take a deep breath. Tournaments are fun for almost all the people that think tournaments are fun….and well, that is quite a few people. To just eliminate that entire aspect of the hobby is an overreaction.

One tournament at a time, the community will need to set the boundaries of rules, etc. that it wants to use. They do not all have to match across the globe immediately. A definition of “Standard 40k” is not a pre-requisite for organization of your local event.

All this stuff will wash out in time. Most TO’s have the general pulse of their local gaming group or attendees and can amend their Tournament packages accordingly.

The simplest course would be; if it is not in the Big Rule Book (BRB) or your army’s codex, you cannot take it. Alternatively, you can try to factor all the myriad combinations and see what ones you want to ban, I would personally loath trying to do the latter and just keep it as simple as possible. I mean we have set limitations before. Like when 6th came out….ala; no dual force org. In fact, I don’t think I have ever attended a tournament where that parameter WAS in effect.

The Tournament Sky is not falling. “Competitive 40k” is not dead. There is just stuff you can take in today’s event and stuff you cannot. Decide if you want to play with your toys or not; pretty simple. It does work and has worked the same way on campaigns, fluff, and pickup games ever since I started playing over 10 years ago. Now is no different. There are just more options available; which is an awesomely good thing.

The TO’s and community will find common ground and equalize to what most people will enjoy…it has been so for several years and will continue to be so. So everyone, breath, breath deep of the wonders of choice we all currently have and plan to attend your next local tournament for a good time.

I came up with a few TO guidelines that may or may not be helpful, anyone feel free to use any or all; or none because you think they suck, when next you organize a tournament.

“There can be only one” – You are limited to ONE choice/selection from outside your codex. You may choose a single supplement, ally, detachment, etc. Fortifications contained in the Big Rule Book do not count towards this limitation despite also being included in a supplement. This applies to any unit from outside your codex, regardless of a rule indicating otherwise.

“Basket of Eggs” – You may not exceed 500 points spent for any non-troop unit. This does not include Super Heavies, Lords of War, or Gargantuan Creatures. (Modify as needed based on points limit of event)
“It takes up a lot of space!” – Super Heavies, Lords of War, and Gargantuan Creatures are allowable. However, they are affected by “There can be only one.” In addition, an equal amount of points spent on the unit in question must be spent on troops.

“Beware, the Veil Grows Thin!” – Units containing 2 or more psykers with the IC rule are limited to a maximum of 5 warp charges expended per game turn for the combined unit. Also, beginning on 3rd psychic test attempted by the said unit, all failed psychic tests lose ALL ability to be rerolled, no matter the war gear or special rules. Beginning on the 4th psychic test, all successful psychic tests must be rerolled and failed rolls cannot be rerolled.

Looking forward to my next tournament and thanks for the read,


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mission Accomplished! Objective Obtained! Eloping Today!

Quick Update:

Eloping today in the great white north.

My fiance and I are braving the current snow storm in SE Michigan, USA and heading 3.5 hours up North to Traverse City MI, USA to a beautiful Bed and Breakfast Chateau to say our vows and enter into holy matrimony!

Good times and full of adventures to come!

Thanks for the read,


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Painting Point System (PPS): Using Painting to Direct Your Model Purchasing

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Over the years I have tried almost everything to over come what I call 'Painting Inertia'. Even wrote a post about it, linked, a couple years ago.

The article goes into good detail about how I feel about having so many unpainted models.

This year alone not showing up with unpainted models has cost me: a bit of respect from my mates, 3 tournament 1st place finishes, 3-4 tournaments I chose not to participate in or could not, etc.

Work wise, things are going well and I have more free income now than time to paint or, I bought even more models for "a project" that never got off the ground. 1) because I have GW ADD; which is fully endorsed by GW I am sure taking into consideration the rate they are putting out cool stuff now a days. 2) Because I have an imagination that the rest of me can not keep up with.

So, I have decided on some really tough personal sanctions. I also looked for a way to Reward myself for my self discipline and hard work...thus I found the PPS.

You can find the wonderful article on Realm of Warhammer 40k and I give all credit to that blog and those he too inspiration from (linked on his site).

Here is an excerpt and how it basically works:


The idea is simple, every model painted will earn a certain amount of points as detailed below.

Basic Points:
25mm base = 1 point
40mm base = 2 points
60mm base = 5 points
Monstrous Creature = 10 points
Small Vehicle = 15 points
Large Vehicle = 20 points
Terrain Feature = 10 - 20 points
Superheavy = 40 points

Bonus Points:
Character + 2 points
Extra Options + 0.5 per option
Based Model + 0.5 point per model
New Technique Attempted + 5 Points (one time bonus)
Transfers / Unit Markings + 1 point per unit
Weathering (Battle Damage) + 1 point per unit
Weathering (Dirt and Grime) + 1 point per unit
Completed Unit + 2 points per unit
So this is my Painting Points System (PPS), To really get me motivated every point will be turn into £1 to go into my hobby fund, this means that I will also need to make some scratch built terrain and scenery to make up the points. Apart from birthday presents or extreme saving this will be my only source of revenue to buy more models with.

Example I
A completed unit of 5 Space Marines that have been based and transfers added would earn 10.5 points giving me £10.50 for my hobby fund. Obviously this is great but to purchase something better I would need to make a small piece of terrain / scenery to give me an extra 10 points totalling to £20.50.
Example II

Those 12 Kroot I mentioned earlier that having been hanging around, if painted and based would earn 20 points adding £20.00 to the hobby fund.
Example III
A completed Razorback with Transfers  and both types of Weathering would earn 20 points adding £20.00 to the hobby fund.
I will substitute $US dollars for pounds and add another category:

Gaming Aids 5 points per creation (if on bases use above points)

So with this system in place I chose to back date it to the two Iron Hand scouts I painted so I can get off to a good start. They are now edited on on my tracking page with their point cost.

I also played my last game last night with an unpainted army. That is right, I am calling myself out. From now on I will play with only painted models. If I want to proxy a unit prior to investing, I will need to proxy a painted unit.

Here is how I have begun using the scouts, its pretty simple.

 Iron Hand Scouts

25 mm base model (1x2)=2
based (2x0.5)=1
Extra feature (sword at 0.5)=.5

Total 3.5pps or $3.50 to spend

Thanks for the read,


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Iron Hand Scouts

Here is a pic of what I have been working on. I have been going through my models and ended up with, well, a group of "unwanted toys" and thus....a Scout Army was born.

First installment:

Thanks for the read,


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Badaab War: Fire Hawk Space Marines


Codex Space Marines is gaining momentum. White Scars' populating the tournament table top is only slowed by the difficulty in painting white well. Eldar Wave Serpent spam is taking win after win.

But quietly, Forge World may be doing an end around on "official" use in GW games. See this post.

Last week two very cool documents/updates were released by FW:

Badaab Special Characters

Badaab Chapter Tactics

Now there is quite a bit to digest in those two very nice, large updates.

But, let's take a look at one that will allow to approach the game from a different angle. In that I mean this. Tau gave rise to screamer star/council star. The search for ways to get to grips despite poor 6th edition rules for assault and overwhelming fire power. What is better than a unit that can move fast, AP2 and has a 2++ save?

Eldar are now eclipsing Tau or allying with them due to the Wave Serpent and another unit that can re-roll a low invulnerable save; the council star.

So many players are looking for ways to out do both these armies with either assault that can not be denied or, ha ha, trying to out shoot them. Space Marines may change many of the large MC builds but still have an uphill battle with some of the other builds.

There is another way to approach the game. You could take the approach to flood the board with cheap, fast, well concealed troops and say, "Come at me Bro!." Few armies can create crazy shooting and erase armies quickly in assault.

With that in mind, Fire Hawk Space Marines present a very interesting alternative to what is out there now. Combine this with a giant stamp of "OFFICIAL" right around the corner, we may see a whole new set of variables to consider.

Frankly, in my opinion if the I-Pad only codei are "official" you have no business disallowing FW. I-Pad codei are the least available rules not included in your codex. They are produced by subsidiary; Black Library. They are not available at the same level as a hardback, at least not at first. They require a $250-400US  IT investment then buy the codex. Where is the difference from FW? But, that is a different article.

Here is a sample draft army that puts so many troops on the ground, flying, jumping, hiding around that instead of killing stuff you can game the mission.

Now you will need to review the rules for the Fire Hawk's Chapter Tactics and the Special IC. But, the major thing to grasp is that Vanguard Vets (elites) and Assault Squads (fast attack) are counted as scoring units.


Knight-Captain Elam Courbray
Jump pack, Iron Halo,Sword Excellus,, Hit and Run, Martial Contemp 185 points

5 Van Guard vets, with sgt., jump packs, 2 melta bombs 120
5 Van Guard vets, with sgt., jump packs, 2 melta bombs 120
5 Van Guard vets, with sgt., jump packs, 2 melta bombs 120

5 Scouts, with sgt., combiflamer, Land Speeder Storm with Hvy Flmr 110
5 Scouts, with sgt., combiflamer, Land Speeder Storm with Hvy Flmr 110
5 Scouts, with sgt., combiflamer, Land Speeder Storm with Hvy Flmr 110

10 scouts, sgt., 10 sniper rifles, camo cloaks 140
10 scouts, sgt., 10 sniper rifles, camo cloaks 140
10 scouts, sgt., 10 sniper rifles, camo cloaks 140

5 assault Marines, 2 flamer, Drop pod, sgt 95
10 Assault Marines, sgt, melta bombs, flamers x2 185

6 Devastators 4 mulit-meltas 124
1 Stalker 75
1 Stalker 75

1849 points.

So here you find 15 possible scoring units and 75 scoring bodies. 9 units can deep strike, 8 units can quickly redeploy from 12-24" to contest/claim.

Now you will see many, many flamers in the list. For two reasons, one scouts can not miss with flamers and Fire Hawks get +1 to flamer strength on turn they deep strike. They also get +1 Hammer of Wrath. Of course they are still marines, so they benefit from "They shall Know No Fear" allowing them to break and then move 3" and re-group etc.

In addition you have up to 9 units that can scout and/or infiltrate.

When you add all this up it provides you with a tremendous amount of tools that will allow you to "out general" your opponent. Which I find more appealing than just purchasing the best army and rolling dice at your opponent anyway.

On top of that, they have a very cool back story and nifty color scheme. Really, nothing is cooler then the Legion of the Damned if you ask me anyway. I would see how this works and with a little tweaking all those Vanguard squads could be replaced by LoTD squads with melta and provide some very annoying units in your opponents backfield.

Thanks for the read,



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