Friday, December 9, 2011

Training Update 12.1

A quick note regarding how my training is going. This month has been a whirl wind, with many family, work and personal projects needing attention. Despite this, I finally managed to get my ever expanding backside into a local gym. 

I was going to lament about the training facility provided by the apartment complex I live in, but realized that such a view is quite precocious and self centered. 

Many parts of the US, or the world for that matter,  would probably think the standard apartment gym quite luxurious. Who am I to complain. So, I won't. 

Instead I would mention I took a portion of my "Biggest Loser II" winnings and purchased a monthly membership to a gym nearby (6 miles/9.5kilometers) that has way more equipment than my apartment gym. 

On a side note, it is always interesting to me how different weight settings on universal machines versus free weights vary. For example at my apartment gym I was completing 15-25 reps with 220lbs(98kg) on the universal machine bench press. At my new gym I am able to only complete 10 reps with 225lbs(102kg) on a free weight bench. 

I have always known this, but not everyone does. Especially if new to working out. Moral of the story, don't let that disrupt your focus or decrease your motivation. Just keep plowing along and use weight settings that make you fail 1-2 reps from your desired objective for that exercise. 

Since I had not been in the gym for quite some time, it was time for a general fitness test. The goal for December is to rebuild my cardio, core strength, and burn off some of the Holiday calories. Setting myself up to succeed with my 2012 goals; which I will post separately. 

  • I weighed in at 257 pounds (116.5kg)....a 8lb/3.6kg gain in one month :(
  • I warmed up and completed 10 reps with 225lbs/102kg on the free weight bench.
  • Completed 10 pull ups with full body weight. 
  •  Completed a 5k run in 38minutes 20 seconds. 
  •  Then I retested my general strength with 8 complete reps on bench with 225lbs/102kg and 6 full body weight pull ups. 
  •  I followed with some lighter benches mixed with pullups with various hand spacings in sets of 6 reps. 
  •  I finished the work out with some Burbpees and Heavy Bag work for about 20 minutes mixed with general Abdominal work. 

All in all, not too shabby for my age, weight, and time off....but yeah; man was I sore for the next two days. 

The very cool thing is that my new gym will soon offer MMA(mixed martial arts) training, Jujitsu, and striking classes...very cool! 

Looking forward to 2012 and seeing what this old broken body can do.

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  1. This tool is especially great for core workout and muscle training. Nowadays most elliptical trainers are equipped with a computer which is programmed with many exercise programs to fulfill your needs.

  2. Thanks. I will check it out.

  3. Nearly all women have a hard timing along with exercise into his or her busy schedules, which is the reason doing core workout are splendid because it really works away nearly all areas of the body via quick programs.

  4. Finding the time to work out is always a challenge. Working out regularly has really decreased the amount of time I have for other interests as well. There are only so many hours in a day after all!

    Check out my training log as I have come quite a ways since this post in terms of general fitness and weight lifting goals!

    As always, thanks for the comment and the read!



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