Sunday, September 18, 2011

'Ard Boyz Regionals Wrap Up: Part I "Shame Faced"

This is tough to write as I must exercise restraint and focus on myself where the negative applies and the day in general for positives that  did occur.  There has been way too much "nerd rage" on the webs lately , and well I would rather not be considered a raging nerd myself.
I am not going to go into tactical analysis or even provide pics as I really can't discuss the games without discussing what affected the games so I decided to leave it out in favor of a simple summary.
Game 1: Versus Blood Angles
Nicely painted and balanced list: 3 Tacticals, LR, Las/Plas Rzr backs, couple dreds, captain
In this game things went my way from the start. My opponents dice were not kind while mine were. My opponent was a true gentleman and I should have emulated his behavior  later in the day. I found myself apologizing repeatedly in the 3rd and 4th turn. Massacre 24pts, 3000 VP. I won first turn.
Game 2(Table 1): Grey Knights
Crowe Purifier spam list with one dred two storm chickens. Libby with the trappings.
Giant 18"x15" 6story ruin in center of board which contained the objective. My opponent had that rare ability to  pleasantly make inquiries and discuss game issues.
I made the mistake here to not very clearly clarify how to handle the terrain and it proved troublesome. My turn two began at the 1 hour 25 min mark. We were finished setting up before actual clock began. I should have polished up on my Space Wolf rules a bit more before game to reduce the number of times we had to answer questions from my codex.
Result was a minor loss as we barely finished turn 4. One more turn would have swung to a minor win for me. Two, a major or massacre. My opponent took first turn.
Game 3 (Table 3): Grey Knights
Crow Purifier spam list, two dreds, land raider, vindicare
I made some mistakes offering up a squad foolishly at the beginning. I penned the lead rhino 14 times and 13 smoke saves were made...and a stun. This set the tone of the game and decided the outcome as I needed to put his two large purifier squads on foot. We did not make it  past turn four. The judge was at our table 4/5 times during the game. I consider this a fail on my part, despite any behavior of my opponent.  All the drama ridiculously resulted in a draw with me obtaining 12 Bp's and my opponent 11.
Wow, yeah kind of a drag to cap off two rough weeks with  1.5 to 2 games really sucking. I don't get out to play much and this left a sour taste in my mouth for sure. I will clarify though that I don't believe the 'Ard Boyz theme fosters this, it is more a player thing.

I will also state that I can be a SOB when I let myself and stated as such a few times on the day. I should have taken the high road and feel I embarrassed myself and misrepresented the hobby for some of my reactions. Instead of reacting to negative behavior I should have proactively set a higher standard for game play.  My goal this year was to really eliminate this type of thing from my hobby and yesterday definitely set me a couple steps back and showed me I still have some work to do.
I ended up 8th of 27 with 44 BP's and about 6400 VP's.  I gave up about 4000. I went 1-1-1 for the day.
Daemons took 1st, Not sure on 2nd, Grey Knights 3rd (my round 2 opponent).
This is definitely enough for this post and with the second part of the Regionals wrap up I will talk about the fun stuff; what worked, what did not, what I learned, and what I think of the Grey Knight codex having played against it for the first two times.
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  1. looking forward to the fun stuff :)

  2. Thanks, me too! I plan to write up part two in the next 24 hours or so.



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