Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011: The Year In Review

This was an eventful year. Let’s run down a few things that occurred.

I started this blog.

This was my first attempt at blogging and I knew nothing when I started. I have spent significant time observing successful blogs and have attempted to emulate them to some degree. As a result I am fast approaching my first 10, 000 views and first 25 followers. Thanks to everyone who cares to read what I am doing!

I have found blogging enjoyable and a useful tool to manage my interests.

For the record here just a few stats:
Goals for 2012: 

  • 1.       Maintain/Improve site content with quality posts, battle reports, and, how to’s, and pictures of painted models
  • 2.       Reach 100 followers
  • 3.       Learn more about available features

I decided to get back into some degree of fitness after being diagnosed with an 8” long blood clot in my good (L) leg. I have not posted much on the matter, but I am a catastrophic automobile accident survivor and have had over 30 broken bones/fractures. 

After my accident in 1980, I suffered another 5 broken bones and multiple tissue traumas related to “pool life decisions.” So, regaining a fitness lifestyle involves a pretty hefty dose of “PAIN” (expressed like Mr. T in Rocky III).

Well, the blood clot was scary enough to see me get back on the wagon and I reduced my body weight through two “Biggest Loser” challenges by 26.5lbs (12kg). I went from gassing walking up two flights of stairs to running in my first outdoor 5k race. I also improved my overall strength level. I did not reach my goal of losing 50lbs (22.7kg)…but I am happy I lost the weight I did.

Goals for 2012:

  • 1.       Reach 9% body fat or a safe BMIof 28
  • 2.       Break 24 minutes in an outdoor 5k race
  • 3.       Increase all weighted exercises by approximately 25%
  • 4.       Add a recipe page to my blog

I painted 47 of the goal of 211 models. I played 24 of the goal of 52 games. I would have liked to done more, but I am glad I accomplished what I did. Real life has a way of interfering with your hobby goals!

I spent quite a bit of time thinking about goals for 2012 and this is what I have come up with:
  • 1.       Complete 4 armies
    • a.       The first being the 2100 Hundred Orks Project
    • b.      Next 2-4? We will have to see!
  • 2.       Build two gaming tables
    • a.       One Indoor
    • b.      One for my garage
  • 3.       Host 4 gaming nights at my place!
    • a.       Would really like to set up a regular monthly/bi-weekly game night that rotates amongst a small group of gamers…hence the need for a couple tables!
  • 4.       Complete super secret project: “Tournament Trolley”
  • 5.       Play 52 games
  • 6.       Play in 12 tournaments
  • 7.       Write 3 40k short stories (50-75pgs each)
  • 8.       Participate in two painting contests
These are some pretty lofty goals for me as they do not exist in a vacuum, nor I have I provided my personal set of goals. For example this year I became certified to teach CPR/AED/First Aid with the American Red Cross and also volunteer with the Livingston County Disaster Preparedness team as a way to positively impact my community. 

However, if you do not set goals that are slightly out of reach….you will never see how far you can stretch your abilities!

All for now and a Happy New Year to all.

Thanks for the read,


  1. Thanks. I am stretching the "realistic" part of objective/goal setting...however I will give it my best shot.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Anytime. Never be afraid to reach for the stars as you may just reach them.

    I really like your gaming goals. I plan to start tracking my games again. I did for a few years then stopped. Going to pick it up again in the new year.



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