Monday, January 9, 2012

Which Way Did He Go, Geroge?

It's been a couple weeks since I posted or did anything 40K, besides read some Black Library books.

A small story before the segue into some future topics:

Going back to mid November, I received my annual holiday bonus from the company I work for. Now most years this money goes directly to pay for all those Holiday costs that come for the kids and family, holiday decorations, church donations, charity, etc. This year, thanks to the fiance, all this had been budgeted for and I was left with a small chunk of funds to do what I want with.

This is pretty rare, and I did not know exactly what to do with it. For those not in the states, right after Thanksgiving day the US retailers attempt to initiate holiday spending by offering many heavily discounted items. This starts around 12am the Friday after Thanksgiving and is called Black Friday.

I generally choose to stay indoors during this ridiculous event, as it gets pretty silly and people behave quite poorly at times. But, come Sunday the fervor dies down and you can still get some good deals.

So, out I went. I had coveted a High Definition flat screen TV for ages, well since they came out really. My den has been modestly equipped with a 19" dual DVD/VHR player TV for years. I managed to pick up a 32" Flat Screen HD Samsung and Blue Ray/DVD player for under $300 US.

I did not stop there, I purchased a new video card for my aging PC and installed it. After purchasing another card that will actually work in my PC, I installed that one...and I began my media frenzy.

I have played Dawn of War II for hours upon hours, watched a couple hundred movies and basically just wasted a few hundred hours of my time...but it was fun.

It has also has now run it's course.

My video card, the second one, locks up now and again and is coming out and being returned. I decided to uninstall all video games from my PC after I saw the amount of hours I had spent tallied up playing Dawn of War II, and I am limiting my TV to an hour a day in an effort to make time for my goals.

Moral of the story: It is so easy to bury yourself in all the media available, from the internet to cable to your phone to video can spend your whole life watching other people do all sorts of things you probably could have lived without seeing. It's like fast food, the more you eat, the more you want and the fatter,lazier and more unhealthy you are.

Anyway, enough of my rant. Look for me to get quickly in the swing of things to move towards my goals. I have been researching a fitness plan for 2012 during this time period (so some constructive activities did happen), many good articles to come from that.

I need to finish my 2100 Orks project...especially since the winter league has started and my Killa Kans are still undone. This and many more topics are planned for 2012.

I have entered into a painting challenge monthly and have some ideas for my next army project.

I am looking forward to playing many more games this year and plan to try and hit some big events later in the year or in 2013. So quite a bit of tournament action to report on this year and next.

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  1. A Big Hello from your newest member.

    I recently came across your blog and just started to follow you, as I think it's great, so we might have a couple of things in common as I too have a hobby blog you might like to follow to at

    So feel free to drop me a comment and hopefully become a member, keep up the good work. And hopefully I'll hear from you soon.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback!

    I actually do check out your blog from time to time. I found it some time ago.

    I will go ahead and join up and drop you a line!



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