Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Has Real Life Gotten in the Way of Your 40K?

Well, the best laid plans......

I have some challenging hobby goals this year and so far real life has been dominating my it sucks getting old and having tons of responsibility!

This week I received news my immediate boss, the Chief Operating Officer of our small company is stepping down.

I was contacted to help realign the company's executive structure. The plan was accepted and I was promoted from Manager to Clinical Manager.

This puts me in charge of all things clinical, training, our electronic medical record and operations of two offices, 36 patients and 20 staff.

I will also be traveling 1-2 days per week some 200+ miles from home, as the second office is located quite far way. So good news on the career front....not so good news on the free time front.

But fear not faithful followers! I will do my best to reach my goals...those 40k and those fitness related!

Starting with finishing up my Orks and attempting to travel to a tournament this weekend! Yes, when slapped with overwhelming paperwork....leave your desk, hit the gym, and play some 40k!

When I come back I will be energized and get my work done all the faster...or so the optimist will believe.

Thanks for the read,


1 comment:

  1. Real life sucks.

    Congrats on your promotion though!

    I know how you are feeling, working, family, education, friends, they all take a lot of time I could be using to dedicate towards 40k. So hopefully I'll be able to find some time to start playing more!



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