Friday, June 24, 2011

Training Update 6.3

     So, our little "The Biggest Loser" contest comes to a close. I weighed in Thursday morning at 260lbs (118kg).  I ended up third so no guiltless splurging with well earned prize money for Grey Knight goodies for me unfortunately.
     I ended up losing 13.5lbs or 4.9% of my bodyweight.  I lost way more weight that the second place finisher, but percentage of bodyweight was lower. I would venture a guess that a male is going to have a tougher time in this type of contest, as females typically carry more body fat.
However, let's recap my progress in real world terms:
·         Went down a belt loop and a half
·         Shirts are tighter in the neck, arms, shoulder, and chest and looser in the abdominal region
·         I am wearing pants and shirts I could not fit into or were way too tight three months ago.
·         Went from gassing after running a quarter mile to running a 5k in under 34minutes
·         Initially struggled with 85lb dumbbells for 4 sets of 6 in chest presses to 4x10 with 100's
·         No full weight pull ups to 4x8-10 full weight pull ups
·         and the list goes on....though I have torn something in the calf of my good leg (more on past injuries later)
     I also will be revising my goals to include some training goals to put more emphasis on fitness marks versus  simple body weight goals.
Thanks for the read,


  1. I might have to embark on a weight loss plan similar to yours. I need to loose like 25-30 pounds to be on track for what I am supposed to weigh. Any suggestions?

  2. @StillFrosty…

    I can give you a few suggestions to get you started: But all weight loss can be broken down to burning more calories than you consume.

    Refrain from doing anything drastic, ie. Massive reduction in calories, weird diet plans, boot camp style daily workouts.

    Instead review your daily diet by logging it for three days straight. Then reduce or eliminate junk food (pizza, chips, fast food), reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption, reduce or eliminate sugar filled drinks.

    If you are healthy investigate and begin a basic work plan that works all the major muscle groups. Plan to focus on cardio the first 2 months to increase your endurance faster.

    Keep to the basic movements that work large muscle groups…they are usually the real hard ones that people tend to not want to do… squats dead lifts etc.

    Of course, if you have health problems or have never worked out before consult with your doctor to ensure you are fit enough to begin a training regimen.

    Hope this gets you started and shoot me an email. Would be happy to help. Good luck.




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