Saturday, November 17, 2012

6th Edition Gaming Aid: Game Progression with Commentary

In a follow up to my last post regarding the importance, or lack thereof, of troop choices, I took the time to make another gaming aid I would share.

I recently attended a tournament and found I am not the only player that consistently forgets to roll for night fight.

I even ran into a couple players at the top tables that did not realize the roll for table side is separate from the first turn/deployment roll.

This got me thinking on making another aid, as the GW game summary is a little lacking as it does not include one  very important roll.....NIGHT FIGHT.

Then I also felt I needed to include some in game rolls as well and came up with the following:


There are some important sequence issues listed here that can drastically change the outcome of your game if you are not familiar with them.

The choice of table side, later followed by the Night Fight roll PRIOR to your roll for deployment/1st turn is particularly crucial.

Thanks for the read and hope you find it helpful,



  1. Nice! I've used a similar one made by Team Stormbolter and have found it very handy.

    1. Link was not working...but found it...and thanks for the link to yet another cool blog.

      That one is pretty good as well...but, don't forget Night Fight!

      BTW, I need to know how to link a Pdf file to my blog...have not figured that one out yet.



    2. You can link pdf files by creating a google site (free) that is basically a filing cabinet. Once you upload the files to that page you can copy and paste the link into your blog. You can then post a downloads page like I did or just link directly from posts:

    3. @ Green Stuff Industries

      Thanks so much and thanks for the link. I will check out this Google thing so that I can link the Pdf files to my blog.

      I have already tweaked the aid for CSM use with so it has a front and back.

      I have a laminating machine at work which should finish it off quite nicely.

      Thanks for the feedback,


    4. I may have gotten it. Now you can click on the Gaming Aid and it will take you to a new version that you can print all you like.

      It is intended for you to print, fold, laminate... convenient game aid at your finger tips!

      Pays to read the comments!!


  2. Thank you, I was meaning to make just such a thing because the info is too spread out in the BRB. Now I don't have to!

  3. Great guide! I should probably make one of those until I get a hang of this new edition.

  4. @Stillfrosty

    Thanks much. If you have not already, check the comments for the google file pdf.

    Thanks for the feedback



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