Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grey Knights Henchman List Begins

Been too long without some 40k content on my mainly 40k blog...;)

     My first fervent foray into the DH codex understandably will begin with some fanatics.

     This group of a DH Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor (shown left) and his jolly band of henchmen (shown below) will get a bit of a touch up; with most of the work done to snazzing up the base.

     Painting props properly applied to a chap in my area, Fallen Hero, as I obtained these finely done figs several years ago in a trade.

     You can see these fellows are armed with an assortment of meanness.  The Heavy Bolter toting guy will be relegated to servitor duty.  I plannedd to use the grenade launcher looking henchman as plasma gun counts as.

                                                                                          The flamer will be a flamer. The various other armaments will count a storm bolters. There is a melta looking gun for a melta and of course two Banishers with chain swords. 
     As these were traded for I could not choose the weapons, thus the squad is not what I would have built now that the codex is out. But it is a start. Minus one special weapon it is a legal squad and looking forward to getting them in my travel case ready to go.

     I belabored long and hard on what to do with the bases. I thought of buying flagstone bases....but did not want to risk damaging the models in the process. I ended deciding to add some details and go with the scheme from the DH codex.

     Finished pics soon to follow.

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