Monday, June 20, 2011

Mid Year Goal Evaluation

     Almost too quickly the year reaches its midpoint and it is time to evaluate progress on any goals (or resolutions if you like that term better). In nursing you are taught the acronym "ADPIE." Which stands for Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation. Let's take a look at this years' goals one by one with this in mind.

"50lbs Lost" 
     First I assessed myself with a lack of activity, increased body fat, reduced stamina and muscle mass early in the year. This was confirmed mid April with a diagnosis of a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis or "blood clot") in my left thigh. The DVT made me realize it was high time to make fitness a consistent long term goal. I assessed my general fitness level, planned a workout routine and change in diet, implemented the former and joined a local gym. I did this in conjunction, timing was pretty fortuitous, with an inner office weight loss challenge. Time to evaluate current progress. I have lost 11.5lbs since April 24, 2011. To reach 50lbs lost I will need to lose another 38.5lbs in six months or 6.42lbs per month.  That rate of weight loss will cost you muscle and strength, which is unacceptable. In addition adding muscle mass affects this outcome as muscle weighs more than fat per cubic centimeter. A more accurate method is to track your body fat percentage. However, in past experience I know that I am the most fit between 215lbs and 230lbs. With this in mind I may research obtaining a body fat meter or check with the gym and adjust the last half  year goal. Also note here, this was not initially a full year goal. I started three months in. Either way, I will continue to refine my work out plans and diet and continue on.
"211 models Painted"
     Yeah, what was I thinking here?! I don't own 211 painted models over 10 years.  But, I bit it I must chew it. I assessed I had amassed way too many unpainted unassembled GW product. That my painting skills were rusty from lack of use and that I was really missing out on a valuable facet of the hobby. Obviously I need to adjust my routine to allow more time and effort towards painting. I want to avoid painting 60 gretchen over the Christmas weekend...but I will do it to meet the goal. One thing here I noticed with myself. I need to paint what moves me. I also need to paint with a squad in mind versus a single model. In addition it is important to set yourself up to accomplish something every day no matter how small. Basically I have  182 models left to paint or 30 per month. Wow, this in reality looks out of reach. However, I am not one to give up.
"52 games played"
     Obviously the goal here was to average a game a week. With only 12 games in this year there is some catch up required. This goal is compounded by a "gamer unfriendly" environment. However, I feel I can meet this goal. By getting up to the local game store every other week and fair good number of tournaments I might be able to pull it off.
     So, when evaluating my current progress it is clear not enough effort is being applied to all three goals, or that the effort applied could be more efficient. I am a pretty busy person. I manage an office of 27 staff and 26 clients. In my line of work I handle medical, psychological, professional, staff, and schedule problems on a daily basis. Many of which do not occur between the hours of 9am and 5pm. I have two children and two step children, ailing parents, and a household to help take care of. This along with possibly returning to school this winter or spring to work on my Bachelor's. So, where does one find the time for such goals?
     I will look at this question as we move towards the end of the year. Some initial thoughts; cut my television time substantially. Reduce my reading time (I read quite a bit, probably 4-10 books per month). Simplify many things to their most important or efficient steps, i.e. superset push pull exercises to make work outs more efficient, paint other figs while current ones dry, look for more tournaments to get more games in less time and number of outings....and so on.
     In closing, this process is all win win. While I may not meet any of these goals I will have achieved better results than previous. I already feel tremendously better day to day from the work done in fitness. I have painted more models in the last six months than in whole two year periods previously. And I have reconnected with several good groups of guys by getting myself out more already this year. That being said looking forward to a strong finish and a look see to what I can accomplish if I put my mind to it.
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