Saturday, June 18, 2011

Training Update 6.2

     We come to conclusion of this small office version of "The Biggest Loser." ( A reference to an American TV show where very heavy out of shape people compete to see who can lose the most weight in a defined period of time for prizes and daily drama. Another installment of delightfully unwholesome infectious reality based television.) Our little endeavor began April 24, 2011 and ends June 24, 2011.

     I have thus far lost 11.5 pounds or 5.2 Kilograms. The winner is the contestant with the highest bodyweight percentage of weight lost.  We have a leader at 6.82%, 2nd place at 4.42%, and me at 4.20%. To possibly take first I estimate I would need to lose about 10lbs this week. A tough test at 45 years of age. I have lost such a weight in a week 25 years ago in the sport of wrestling to make weight...but, yeah, that was a very long time ago. Of course, such a weight loss is not a true weight loss as it would be mostly water weight and quickly brought back on. So, I am left with a quandary.
     The first 11.5lbs I have lost has been fat loss while building solid strength and cardio. To take the final week and basically attempt to "make weight" I diverge from the intended focus if I go to extreme measures.  On the other hand,  a competition is a competition.  I have decided to give this my best shot without placing my health and progress in the gym at any risk. For the next week I will better manage my weight training and cardio, stick to a very clean diet, consume much more water, and watch my calories.
     This will be a challenge as in last weeks' training I managed to pull a muscle in the calf of my good leg and so running is out for at least two weeks. A real bummer as I had just finally completed a 5k run non-stop with a PR.  Ah, but such it is if you are over 30 years old and/or you have had a history of recurrent injuries.
     Thursday, June 16, 2011, even with the injury I did weigh in at 262lbs (118.84kg). My goal for next week then needs to hit around 254lbs (115.21kg) to have  a shot at winning the $140 prize.
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