Sunday, June 12, 2011

Training Update 6.1

     Right off the bat if you been following you notice a jump in update numbers. I am not sure why I started with "4.whatever" but decided I might as well make some sense of it and correspond the first number to the calendar month and the second to each successive update....hence 6.1
     Things have been hectic with work and family, though I have been hanging in there.
First things first, last Thursday weigh in (June 9, 2011) I came in at 262.5. So a one pound weight gain. I am still happy with my progress though.
     Let's cover the highlights in training and then move on to my new  work out split and reasoning behind it.

Highlights since last update:

1. Three 5k runs with new personal records (PR's)...35min 20 seconds and 34min 50 seconds and today...33min 20 seconds and ran the whole thing nonstop!!!
2.  I grabbed the 100lbs Dumbells (Dumbells are one handed fixed weights...Barbells are the longer bar with changeable weights on the end) and did 4 sets of 7 on the first try and 4 sets of 10 on Friday Jun 10, 2011.
3. I am up to 4x10 sets of full weight pull ups (262.5lbs) and Weighted dips 4 sets of 12 (body weight plus 25lb weight)

     Moral of this story is while my weight is not going down as fast as I would like, I am getting much stronger and with much better wind.

     I also reviewed my training and realized I have to be careful to allow enough recovery time. Thus I spent some time going over what I want to accomplish and being realistic with my recovery ability to maintain steady progress.

Here is my current training split:

Day One:  5K, Stretch, (eventually Core work)
Day Two:
  •   Chest: Dumb Bell press (Barbells 4x8-12), Incline Press (4x6-10), Dips (4x8-12)
  •    Back: Bent Over Rows (4x8), Pull Ups (4x8-12), Dead Lifts (1/month), Shrugs (2/month),  Machine Rows or Pulldowns (4x8-12)
  •   Biceps : Barbell Curls(3x6-8), Reverse Curls (3x8-10)  
  •   Cardio: 20min Elliptical
Day Three:
  • Legs: Squats (4 x8-12), Stiff Legged Dead Lifts (4x8-12); 1 Alternate Exercise 
  • Shoulders: Dumb Bell Press (4x8-10), Dumb Bell Laterals (4x10-15)
  •  Triceps: Close Grip Press (3x8-12), Laying Extensions (3x8-12)
  • Cardio: 20 min Elliptical
Day Four:
  • Stretch
  •  Core Exercises
  •  Forearms or Calf Work
     Now the key to this split is that I will substitute exercises to keep my body guessing and hopefully keep my progress going forward. For example; one week I start with Dumb Bell Chest Press.  The next week start with Machine Bench Press. Two very different exercises that work the same muscles. Another example is Dead Lifts versus Squats, and so on.

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