Thursday, June 2, 2011

Training Update 4.12

     Well two weeks seem to have escaped me. I was sick last week and did not train at all. I managed to keep to a healthy diet for the most part. I did say “Hell with it!” one day and ordered a small deep dish pizza. My fav is from “Jets Pizza” and is a small deep dish with extra cheese, sausage, and onion. Mmmmmm! Yes, I eat the whole thing (6pcs). I don’t even want to count the calories. But hey, I am being healthier; I am not becoming a monk. I cheat day now and again is recommended by many nutritionists when within reason.

     This last week I had some serious family issues to deal with which are still going on requiring my time and empathy for others; so very little 40k or training is going on.

     I did manage to get in one solid chest and back work out on Tuesday June 1. I felt good as I managed 4 sets of 8 with the 100lb dumbbells for chest and some bent over rows with 225lbs. I kept the work out intense but short. Wednesday I wanted to see if I had recovered fully so got up early and hit the gym for a 5k run at 6am. 

     The run felt good. I ran the first 2.5k or 1.5miles without stopping and finished strong with a time just under 37minutes (36:52). As it was my second best time since I started running again, I feel I am back ready to return to regular training as much as possible.

     I have noticed, though loath to admit, my recovery ability is not what it used to be and will be looking at my routine to incorporate just the right amount of weight training, rest, and cardio to avoid burning out.

     Well to finish, my Thursday morning weigh in was today and I was ready for some bad news. Luckily, sometimes hard work does pay off…..I have dropped to 261.5lbs.; an excellent development after a very tough and emotional two weeks between being sick and two serious family illnesses. 

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