Sunday, May 29, 2011

GW Fine Cast and Word on Increasing Model Prices

The cost discussion related to GW products continues to come up. I take a look at the hobby from a value perspective versus a product to dollar perspective. This means when I look at the number of hours I enjoy the hobby divided into the cost of a unit or model or codex this tells me if it is a good purchase or not.

For example a squad of bezerkers. I don't even know the current price, but let's say $50 dollars. My benefit starts when I begin to shop and plan my list with them included...maybe 1 hour. It means a trip to the Hobby shop and interaction with my fellows, maybe even a game while I am there....which is FREE (minus gas)...spending maybe 5 hours.

I build them and paint them over let us say 20 hours. So at this point I have invested under $2 per hour of enjoyment. A very fair value to me. There is almost nothing else I enjoy that is that low cost save reading a novel or playing a video game or working out. This estimate does not include the enjoyment of putting them up on the web for feedback or a painting challenge nor the countless times I can put them on the table proudly and use them over and over...thus over time value will continue to increase and cost invested decrease.

You can extrapolate this example to encompass your entire hobby. For example I read many Black Library novels. I can generally read one in 10 hours or less = $.80/hr= good deal. The 40k fight club amplifies the enjoyment of my hobby. I donate about $10/YEAR for hundreds of hours in return. I plan my lists with codei I bought years ago. Gaming is mostly free, save gas (though I practice and preach purchasing something from your local shops if you like to keep them around). Tournaments are $10 for 8 hours of gaming/interaction with peers or 3-4 games..also a very good value.

So while GW is cashing in, the hobby or unit cost is still a very good value to me and would remain so with several more price increases.

The difference, I believe, is felt by those that need to have the best army in the game at all times. Now these fellows will invest much higher dollars than others. It feels to me the codei and respective creep are being released faster and faster so owning a full 2000pts of each new super army would be expensive. But, for these types what is the value of continuing to be competitive and have the best? Probably still a good one for them.

A bit of a ramble, but in summary if the models cost a bit more but are easier to put together and convert with the same or equal durability and same or equal quality it equals more value for me. I can also say if it was not for the 40k community, and more importantly the 40k fight club community, all the models could cost a tenth of their current price and they would still be valueless by comparison.


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