Friday, May 20, 2011

Campaign Force Research and Planning

     My research started by pulling out the first Warhammer 40k item I every saw. This originally belonged to my brother. It was purchased in 1990 for $22.95...ah the good ole days unh?

     Anyway I was looking for some campaign badge ideas. I did not see any really. But, I did the get inspiration for the power point glyph in the first post.

     I also noticed in the very first section, pg 4, homage to the Mentor Legion, Chapter 888. Depicting Imperial Commander Nsk Ran-Thawll of the Mentors trying on some experimental armour. It also indicated the Mentors were utilized quite a bit in this capacity.

     With this in mind I just might have to make sure I include a unit to represent the Mentors.

Here is a pic of my culled models for the campaign force:

You can see here a mostly painted Black Templar Predator. It won many battle Honors in historic confrontations such as the 2004 Adepticon Team Tournament. Also some red based Sons of Orar, a squad of Iron Snakes, and just barely make out my Chaplain.

If you look closely you can see my converted stern guard there in middle.

Better pics of each yet to come.

Here are some better pics of the pred and also indicate the starting place for my refurbishment into the campaign forces (name yet to be developed):

The pics are a little washed out. But, you get the idea. I also dug through some of my bike models for a suitable bike captain. I noticed in building much of bike forces I used quite a bit of Dark Angel shoulder pads and Raven Wing bits.

I may have to take that into account as I flesh this amalgamation all together.

Lastly here is the starting point for a basic bike captain. He will be the main character of the campaign and will thus see several incarnations I would imagine. No body starts with all the really cool war gear on their first foray! He needs a bit of work but this will provide the initial structure from which to work:


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