Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dark Angel's : Nephilim Fighter

I know it goes against internet wisdom, but I very much like the DA codex. My Iron Hawks will definitely be teaming up with these guys in the future.

As my Iron Hawks use White Scars rules, they mesh very well with many units from the DA codex.

One of the maligned units in the DA codex is the Nephilim Fighter.

Now when this came out, there were fliers every where, Necron Air was very prevalent as well as multiple Vendetta's common place.

Now, fliers are a 'maybe.' You might see one on the day or none or many. Many people will espouse to ignore them as they are rare anymore and focus on Knights, etc.

This makes me take another look as the rules on this guy.

Most will agree that taking Storm Talon with Skyfire or Cyclone missiles for 115 or 135 points is not bad for your list. The Storm Talon also boasts an assault cannon for 6-7 decent shots per turn on an AV10 2 hull point vehicle with Strafing Run.

The Nephilim, on the re-read of the codex, looks like a decent flier with some solid fire power for a fair price.

180 points buys you:

3 Hull Point Flier with AV 11 all around
6 Black Sword Missiles that are S6 AP4 with 36" range
TL Lascannon
TL Heavy Bolter

Missile Lock (re-roll to hit one shot missiles)
Strafing Run (Firing at non-fliers, or non-Skimmers +1 to BS...which would end being a BS of 5)
Free swap of the Avenger Mega Bolter for the Lascannon (Mega Bolter is S6 AP4 48" range Heav 5)
Unrelenting Hunter: When shooting enemy vehicles can treat any Weapon Destroyed as Immbolised)


These are some nice rules. If this thing was point out at 150 points points does not make them unusable or even bad. They are pretty good, in my opinion.

With a flier ability to fire up to 4 weapon systems while moving at cruising or combat speed this combined with swapping out the TL Lascannon for the Mega-Bolter nets you 5 S6 and 3 TL S 5 shots at 36" with option to tack on 1-4 S6 Missile shots on top.

There are enough missiles to get 1-3 rounds of additional shooting off, depending on how you want to divvy it up.

9 S6 missiles and 3 TL S5 Heavy bolter shots on entry if you so wish is some respectable dakka.

I plan to invest in one of these and see how this theory works out.

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  1. Sadly the FAQ removed missile lock. Been this way since 6th. Don't own one but really want to because it looks really cool.

  2. They're a solid flier, to be sure. Simply a dakka-machine. S6 can reach out and touch most things, and even hitting a Vendetta on the front armour, I'd be tempted not to jink depending on the context...

    It simply eats light armour, and can do well to mop up backfield units. Not an auto-include, but certainly something worth considering.

  3. Personally I like the Nephilim. Sadly it's pretty expensive points wise.
    Compared to other flyers it does way less for the points.
    Still, the ammount of shots it can pump out per round can be pretty devastating. Especially with strafing run you've got a good chance to land the shots.
    If it would be ~150points I'd even include two, but as it is, I hardly ever run one. :-(


  4. Thanks for the comments.

    I checked the FAQ, and you are correct sure...they did remove Missile Lock for some reason....

    At hellHenni...well if you looking to spend 300 points on fliers..taking a Nehilim and a Storm Talon with skyfire would hit your mark.

    Mine is going to probably compliment my scout based a few points saved on infantry could be used here. For example I really like my 6 man scout biker squad that clocks in at 138 points...about 25 pints shy of my normal bike squad load, the trade off between this and a Storm Talon with cyclones works out almost dead even.

    At 150 points this would be a very solid choice..180 it sooo close to the tipping point...but I believe it is still viable.

    Additionally, it fills the void between the ultra weedy Storm Talon and the beefy Thunderhawk. is one of the few fliers that actually look really cool. The others have grown on me over time...but this one actually looks really at least it has that going for it.



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