Friday, September 16, 2011

'Ard Boyz Regionals Part VI: "A List is Born from Desperation"

In my few spare moments the last two weeks I have been over and over my CSM's to get a list together. I just can not seem to get what I want into a CSM list at this point level.

I am not going to go into detail about how rough my last two weeks have been, though I will say I am lucky I can even attend Regionals tomorrow and be coherent enought to play three 2500pt games. But, let's get to the fun stuff...40k.

I know a standard CSM template would be 2 lash winged DP's 6x5 dual melta PM's and 9 Oblits...sprinkle termicide and/or Bezerkers to taste and points. However, the army can be neutralized too easy for my tastes...mech/hood/rune priest for DP's....plenty of dakka at 2500 points for oblits. It also puts too many eggs in just two baskets that depend on each other for success. Further, I have never run more than one DP and 3 Oblits in any competition....and so on.

So, I decided to study the missions, my availabe models, and my play style and put on the table the best I could come up with. Here is where I ended up:

HQ1: Njal Storm Caller [245]
HQ2: Rune Priest, Bike, Jaws, Living Lightening [135]

E1: Wolf scouts: #5, melta gun [85]
E2: Wolf Scouts: #6 sniper riflesx5, missile launchr [115]
E3: Wolf Guard:#5 [185]
.....wolf guard #1,#2 no upgrades (18ea)
.....wolf guard #3, #4..combi melta, pwr fist (43ea)
.....WG #5..TDA, cyclone (63)

T1:Grey Hunters: #5, flamer, HB Rzrback [115]
T2:GH's: #5, melta, HB Rzrback [120]
T3:GH's: #5 melta, Asslt Cnn Rzrback [155]
T4:GH's:#5, melta, Asslt Cnn Rzrback [155]
T5:GH's: #7, melta, wolf banner, mark of wulfen, rhino [170]
T6:Gh's: #7, melta, wolf banner, mark of wulfen, rhino [170]

F1:Swift Claws: #5, melta, multi melta Attk Bike, powr fist [200]
F2:Speeder: #1 HB Typhoon missile launcher [90]
F3:Speeder: #1 Multi melta, hvy flmer [70]

H1:Long Fangs: #5, 4 Missile launcher, Twin linked Lascannon Rzrback [190]
H2:Long Fangs:#6, 3 Hvy Bolter, 2 Plasma cannon, TL LC Rzrback [220]
H3:Predator: Autocannon, Hvy Bolter Sponsons [85]

Total 2500pts

Army Notes:
The army "feels" right to me. Meaning that is has built in redundancy, benefit of not being easily hamstrung, can handle all comers, and not overtly spamming any unit in particlular. It also uses just about every decent, assembled marine unit I own.

..Njal goes in a rhino GH squad and remains in center of force to max use of any power and his special abilities. In missions that favor/force midfield aggression his "bonus round" powers maximize their chance to become game changers without altering normal deployment/play style.

..There is no unit that is essential to any game plan, thus target selection will often be a head scratch for my opponent, with plenty of back up plans for me.

..5 man GH squad will escort the messenger mission 1, but will not need to break off from main body in all likliehood as this army will advance to midfield any way in almost all circumstances.

..6 Troops is a must for mission two and is covered here. Also important, there are plenty of Elite, Fast, and Heavy units to hunt enemy troop units while my Troops do their thing.

..Infiltrate is in every mission, so decided to run the BS3 SW snipers as a harrassing unit and spread out my missile fire. They are a destractor unit and also their to whittle down big baddies from range while hopefully using their late deployment ability to target side armor...hopefully drawing portions of the enemy away from their main strength to neutralize them

..the Rune Priest on bike goes with swift claws to either tank hunt or line up choice Jaws shots on advancing enemy units. There is purposeful attempt at a "fear factor" unit here. I WILL play up how mobile he is too line up side armor and juicy Jaws shots...hopefully affecting enemy movement and deployment. If needed he can split off the Swift claws and go solo. Also with the missions as written, I anticipate some clogged midfields...allowing a 24" Jaws line to target many models. He also gives me the best chance to out and out REMOVE a big ugly with a single roll...always nice.

..Swift claws are my jack of all trades unit..they will provide cover and wounds for the rune priest, tank hunt from the flanks, and turbo to contest objectives and/or clear out wounded units. There speed is what I wanted here. The extra MM and Melta are nice, but really a "bonus round" shot with their BS of 4. However, they do pack a little punch and should be to perfrom mop up duty well.

..speeders are for tank hunting, objective contesting, horde control, and blocking enemy vehicles single unit is "a must" in regards to my shooting while there is the ability to tank hunt from 48" on 12-14 seperate units, 18 at 30-36", and 25 at 0-18"

..horde control/high rate of fire is handled by:10 Hvy Bltrs, 9ML, 2 Asslt Cnn, Hvy Flmer, and 2 plsma cannons

..FnP, Terminators are handled by see above plus las cannons and melta

..the various wolf guard will bolster the LF and Scouts in some missions and the GH squads in others. One basic WG will always go with the 5 man LF squad and one PF WG will go with Njal's escort.

..Generally the Pred and TL LC Rzrs will support the LF's and set up using the armor13 to grant cover to rzr backs and the tanks block/provide cover to the long fangs.

..the Rzrbacks and rhino will support each other, maximizing cover extra rhino hulls depending on target and mission type..they can be set up with rhino fron, assault cannon and HB rzr back behind

..Melta Scouts, MM Speeder will reserve..sniper scouts infiltrate

..The cyclone missile launcher toting wg will join missile launcher LF or go solo so able to engage more targets at range if wanted.

Another aspect to consider. The list does not depend on Njal, it just has the opportunity to be greatly enhanced by him. Njal in this list is like a Monolith in a Necron list. A Monolith has a "bonus round"'s D6 Gauss Flux fire this at the beginning of your shooting phase and at times you get lucky and pop/immoblize a tank or knock a unit out of action..Njal is much the same.

What is also important to realize with Njal...his best stuff just happens. Meaning no psyhic test, is not affected by his ride being stunned or shaken, and can not be countered. Yes, I know if I don't win roll to go first I can not benefit from all his powers...that just means I benefit from going second in deployment and last movement of the game.

Njal can also be used psychologically like a that some players will naturally, or can be pushed, to spend in inordinate amount of time and effort brining it/him down. This relates back to the fact...the list does not NEED Njal....but he CAN become the center of attention and wreck untold havoc.

Njal actually deserves his own tactical article and I may write one after the tournament.

Enought for now. Good luck to all competitors...have fun, play fair, and win big!

Thanks for the read,

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