Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Training Update 9.1

The second “Biggest Loser” contest continues. The last two weigh-ins saw me tip the scales at 252.5lbs. 

This equates to 9.5lbs lost this round and since the beginning 21lbs total. 

This is giving me some good motivation to keep going.  It has not been easy. Battling through pain, injury, work and personal stress has almost seen me cop out on more than one work out. 

But, I have managed to hang in there.

Recently my running has taken a bit of step forward since the outdoor 5k.

I have averaged a 4mile run about every other day since the day of the race. 

I complete 4 miles in about 42min 30 sec. This is still very slow in comparison to many runners.  But, if I look back at my very first 5k(3.1mile) attempt…it took me 45 minutes and nearly ended me. So, though slow, a large improvement overall here.

I also had to move from a local small gym to the club house weight room where I live. This is a big adjustment, but again I remain creative and positive to make the most of it. Though there is only a universal machine, it does allow just about any exercise. Unfortunately the weight stacks only go up to 215lbs and there are no dumbbells or free weights. This just means I will have to work on getting max repetitions with lighter weights versus max weights with fewer repetitions.

Prior to leaving the old gym I threw up some max lifts for comparison tracking and it will be interesting to see if I go up or down when I return to a gym with free weights available.

The round of “Biggest Loser” ends October 20, 2011 and my goal is to break into the “30’s”; meaning ending the competition at a body weight between 230-239lbs.

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