Thursday, January 19, 2012

2100 Hundred Orks: WIP Killa Kan Nbr 2

 Here are some WIP pics step by step...sort of...for Killa Kan Nbr 2.

Here we see the beginning of the chassis and soon to be installed pieces
 Next I added a few small pcs to improve the balance and stbility..note the wheel cogs in the front.
 Magnet installed and fitting process continues.
 Mini-Doze blade ready to go.
After the dozer blade was dry and fit just right...I went ahead and Ork'd it up a bit. Also finished the CCWpn arm and dug out a suitable bit for the grot zooka and magnetized that bad boy on as well.
 A side shot of the "Kan Doza"
Here is the Kan Doza..hey I like that name..think I will keep it...all disassembled.. magnets really shine here and it goes together in a snap.

Time to start planning Kan Doza 3

Thanks for the read,



  1. Looks really good, makes me want to shout out "I'm coming to get you,".

  2. Thanks! Kill Doza 2 turned out better than the first I think...and in about half the time.



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