Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gaming Aid Revised: SIDE A (Game Progression Check List) SIDE B (DEPLOYMENT GUIDE)

I have seen a some interest in my gaming aid since I have been carrying it around with me lately; locally and also got an email recently.

So I revised it. I removed the Chaos tables and included graphics of the three deployment options.

Side A has the pre-game progression on it; including end of game rolls, night fight etc.

Side B has three graphics on how to set up in the three deployments...key here being "Vanguard" which seems to stump more than a few...myself included initially.

Just click on pic below for the Google file. I printed mine with a color printer. Laminated it. Then I use it for a book mark in my small rule book...generally in the Psychic power section.



Contains the graphics for the Deployment Options. Which I can not seem to get to show on the blog; but you can readily obtain it from the Google Doc linked to the picture on the left.

Here are some finished shots side by side to the rule books for size reference:

Here you can see SIDE B on left in the bottom pic. These are laminated and ready to go. I made two. I have a 2000 point game set up today with a bud and he doesn't know it yet, but he is getting a BDS40K Game Aid.

Hope you find this helpful and thanks for the read,



  1. Nice gaming aid. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Welcome. Hope you find it useful.


  3. I love these little things you have. Very organized, must be your profession...



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