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Painting Point System (PPS): Using Painting to Direct Your Model Purchasing

Over the years I have tried almost everything to over come what I call 'Painting Inertia'. Even wrote a post about it, linked, a couple years ago.

The article goes into good detail about how I feel about having so many unpainted models.

This year alone not showing up with unpainted models has cost me: a bit of respect from my mates, 3 tournament 1st place finishes, 3-4 tournaments I chose not to participate in or could not, etc.

Work wise, things are going well and I have more free income now than time to paint or, I bought even more models for "a project" that never got off the ground. 1) because I have GW ADD; which is fully endorsed by GW I am sure taking into consideration the rate they are putting out cool stuff now a days. 2) Because I have an imagination that the rest of me can not keep up with.

So, I have decided on some really tough personal sanctions. I also looked for a way to Reward myself for my self discipline and hard work...thus I found the PPS.

You can find the wonderful article on Realm of Warhammer 40k and I give all credit to that blog and those he too inspiration from (linked on his site).

Here is an excerpt and how it basically works:


The idea is simple, every model painted will earn a certain amount of points as detailed below.

Basic Points:
25mm base = 1 point
40mm base = 2 points
60mm base = 5 points
Monstrous Creature = 10 points
Small Vehicle = 15 points
Large Vehicle = 20 points
Terrain Feature = 10 - 20 points
Superheavy = 40 points

Bonus Points:
Character + 2 points
Extra Options + 0.5 per option
Based Model + 0.5 point per model
New Technique Attempted + 5 Points (one time bonus)
Transfers / Unit Markings + 1 point per unit
Weathering (Battle Damage) + 1 point per unit
Weathering (Dirt and Grime) + 1 point per unit
Completed Unit + 2 points per unit
So this is my Painting Points System (PPS), To really get me motivated every point will be turn into £1 to go into my hobby fund, this means that I will also need to make some scratch built terrain and scenery to make up the points. Apart from birthday presents or extreme saving this will be my only source of revenue to buy more models with.

Example I
A completed unit of 5 Space Marines that have been based and transfers added would earn 10.5 points giving me £10.50 for my hobby fund. Obviously this is great but to purchase something better I would need to make a small piece of terrain / scenery to give me an extra 10 points totalling to £20.50.
Example II

Those 12 Kroot I mentioned earlier that having been hanging around, if painted and based would earn 20 points adding £20.00 to the hobby fund.
Example III
A completed Razorback with Transfers  and both types of Weathering would earn 20 points adding £20.00 to the hobby fund.
I will substitute $US dollars for pounds and add another category:

Gaming Aids 5 points per creation (if on bases use above points)

So with this system in place I chose to back date it to the two Iron Hand scouts I painted so I can get off to a good start. They are now edited on on my tracking page with their point cost.

I also played my last game last night with an unpainted army. That is right, I am calling myself out. From now on I will play with only painted models. If I want to proxy a unit prior to investing, I will need to proxy a painted unit.

Here is how I have begun using the scouts, its pretty simple.

 Iron Hand Scouts

25 mm base model (1x2)=2
based (2x0.5)=1
Extra feature (sword at 0.5)=.5

Total 3.5pps or $3.50 to spend

Thanks for the read,


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