Sunday, December 7, 2014

Iron Hawk Space Marine: Highlander 1650 Army List Construction

   I continue to work on my Iron Hawks themed space marine list.

   The fluff is loosely based on pieces of my heritage, a combination of mostly Irish with some Cherokee Indian (60% Irish/20% Indian/20%Mongrel...for full disclosure, have a pet peeve with overstated make believe ancestry).

   The "Iron" part comes from all the surgical steel still in my limbs.

Anyway, I updated the list a bit. Changes are in BOLD:

Bike, Power Fist, Primarch's Wrath, Warlord 155 points

Chaplain: Bike, melta bombs, 115 points

Bike squad (6) :
4 Bikers, 2 Grav Guns, 1 Sgt, combi-grave, melta bombs, 1 Multi-melta attack bike: 195 points

Scouts (10):
4 shotguns, 1 Hvy Bolter with hell fire, 4 Sniper Rifles, Sgt w/combi-melta, melta bomb, Land speeder storm with Hvy Flamer: 187 points

Stern Guard Veterans (8); 186 points

Legion of the Damned (5): Melta gun, Multi-Melta, Sgt w/power ax and combi-melta : 170 points

Attack Bike (3): 3 Hvy Bolters

Scout Bikes (6): w/ 3 Grenade launchers, 1 sgt w/combi-grav and melta bomb: 138 points

Storm Talon Gunship: Sky Fire Missiles: 125 points


Thunder fire Cannon: 100 points
Predator Annihilator: TL Lascannon turret, Lascannon sponsons : 140 points

Total : 1646 Points

The list feels pretty balanced to me with a shot at wounding High Toughness targets, handling space marine equivalents and terminators. There is some hth punch. A unit to pick on stuff that is hiding. Some fast moving units and some units to hold my back field. No psykers, but I can live with that really.

Still mulling it over as I continue to paint my Iron Hawk scout bikers. Pics to follow soon.

Thanks for the read,


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