Monday, January 26, 2015

Breaking in the new gaming table and production line terrain

Well, I have not gotten much done in the last week on my FTGT Hobby Challenge. So, unfortunately no updates to share there.

I did get some games in with my step-son who is new to 40K and we banged out some Kill Team.

He won handily with a small elite force of Plague Marines vs. my Soul Drinker Tactical Squad.

We also pointed out an Iron Hawk space marine scout force and an Ork team.

Right off we noticed we need larger and more varied terrain to play standard 40k....

I had some melamine scraps I cut up quick, grabbed the recycle bin, some construction adhesive, and my caulk gun. A quick trip to Home Depot for some mis-tinted discount paints and a table or two of terrain is now in the making. I also picked up another 4x6 table to give us a bit more space and in a pinch with another 4x8 piece of melamine I can host 2 full size games concurrently.

Looks like some junk glued to hard board now, but will shape it all up before it is all done. My goal is to have decent, usable, sturdy terrain vs a beautiful battlescape that  is outside my abilities and time investment.

Though terrain does count towards my painting points system!

Here we are at stage one: Accumulate all the stuff you could need or use for the project:

Here we are at stage two : Lay it all out so can glue all at once:

Stage Three: Glue it up and wait

Yes, I did actually melt those two Ork vehicles to look crashed and burnt with a propane torch!!  Good fun, realistic looking of course as well!

Once it's dried I will set up a couple paint stations, then far have about 25 minutes in the terrain project...minus the trip to Home Depot of course...but I got a fresh Hot Dog while there so I am not counting that as work!

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