Saturday, January 16, 2016

Painting Challenges

Good Day

I have decided to join in the fun with at least one 2016 painting challenge.

I will post the links once I have finally chosen and gotten things situated.

I am experimenting with taking photos from my iPad2 which may or may not be better than my dated digital camera.

I have added a 4ft LED overhead light to my work space to assist my vision while painting.

I need to continue to organize my paints and tools and likely will invest or build some paint racks.

I spent some time reorganizing my "To Paint" shelves. As you can see it is quite enough to keep me busy for some time.

I have also determined even it a paint challenge has some form of requirements for what/how much to paint i need to live with possibly not meeting that month's challenge and so on. As I am really only successful at regular painting productivity when I paint whatever the hell I want when I want.

From the pic you can probably make out some general idea of what is on deck. A host of marines from different codex's. Space Marines, White Scares, Dark Angels, Space Wolves the works...some Inquisition and Grey Knights as well. Then a host of Chaos and Deamons, followed by hordes of Orks...good stuff!

Thanks for the read more to follow,


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