Thursday, April 6, 2023


I am back!

Lost the account...long story...and took quite a bit of time to get it got in the way...months and then years passed...I tried again...and wham...account restored. So....much has happened. But plan to start things up again.

Is anyone still following this blog? Does any still read blogs at all? We shall see I suppose.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Objective Marker: 40K Arms Race?

 Just a quick discussion today.

On several pod casts and the inter-webs there are some 40K players/internet famous guys espousing 'the biggest arms in 40k"

Personally, I would never make a claim like that myself.

That being said the little hairs on my tiny forearms go up when I hear it.

Who really has the biggest arms in 40K...which should really be phrased as "Who has the largest muscular arms in 40K?"

I think before the title is awarded a contest should be held to validate these perfidious claims. :) :)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sons of Medusa Tech Marine Conversion Update and .... I just had to rearrange my work shop again

It has been a busy bit of work lately, but I am committed to see a truly productive year of painting.

Somewhere in the last few months I have mutated from a player/some times painter to a painter/never player. So really feeling the itch to get some games in. But it is weird the thought of taking all my finished models out of the display case has become slightly that to pass. But such a switch for me.

Anyways onto some pics and updates.

First up, I quite like my 'On Deck' area (s). I thought at one time seeing all the models out at once would daunt me and I would cease to try to paint them...but, it is just the opposite. It has built a desire to get them done and in a case. Each day I find myself "oooh, I want to paint that next." So I get a surge of motivation to get going.

I did find that I really needed more organization, so I went through the host of models and separated them into an "Ork group" an "Imperial group" and a "Chaos group." This met some deep seated need in myself and I felt much better once it was done.

All told this is about 750 models, not counting the boxes on top shelf, so should keep me busy for years actually.

Next is an update on the Sons of Medusa Techmarine on a bike for my Pathfinders. I am trying "easy NMM" that I found on line somewhere...will give recipe when all done.

Here is my April commitment for 1HouraNight painting challenge. Just felt the urge to get some Nurgle on with the mutilators. I need the attack bikes done to continue my Pathfinders and be able to run some of the detachments in the new WS book.

Lastly a Weightlifting update;

Still hovering around 265lbs, but feel 'tighter' and so feel breaking 260 is right around the corner. I have finally settled on a long term work out plan that incorporates medium reps for hypertrophy and lower reps for power that I like and my old body can tolerate.

I may or may not compete in power lifting again. I certainly will not until I crack 250lbs in body weight and also out lift all my previous bests. This honestly may never happen. As a competitive guy it is tough going up against guys who use Performance Enhancing Drugs when I chose not to. This does not detract from my motivation to lift...I love to lift...that is why I do it. Competition is another thing though.

On a good note, while I may struggle to beat my previous max lifts, I know I will lose a few pounds as my company goes all in for Wounded Veterans and participates in a 9k charity event run/walk every July in Boston, MA. I have a certain expectation to participate in my current position, and would not miss the opportunity for this great cause. A side benefit is trip to Boston for the likely will turn this into a vacation for me and the wife.

9K is about 5.6 miles. So training for that over the spring and summer will carve a few fat pounds off me. Currently I get in about 5.2 miles in 60 minutes. I move like a wounded Clydesdale....but I keep moving. Not too many runners after a 5 mile run can do 20 pull ups and bench 250lbs for 20 reps at 265lbs....a small, frivolous, ego consolation...but I will take it!

Sample of recent work out: Currently in "Group 1" of  8 week plan.

Dead Lift 385 for 4x8 (100 sec resc)
6 Sets of single leg lying leg curls (30 second rest)
10 min walk
6 Sets of 12 Pull Ups with 6 different hand spacing (100 sec rest)
4 Sets of seated single arm lat pulls (12-15 reps each, 30 sec rest)
4 Sets of seated single army lat pull downs (12 reps each, 30 sec rest)
4 Sets of heavy shrugs (3 sec rest)

Thanks for the read,



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