Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Training Update 4.3

     With Saturday dedicated to a 40k tournament and Easter Sunday, I missed two training days this week. So, I hit it hard last night with a full body workout not for the feint hearted:
4 x 10 Full range squats with a pause at the bottom
3 x 8 Sets of Dead Lifts at 75% of max
3 x 10 Sets of standing military presses with free weight Barbell (I clean the weight off the floor)
     Super set of wide grip pull ups (still using weight assist at 45lbs of my bodyweight of 270, so pulling 225) with seated military presses on smith I-Bar machine for 3 sets of 10 each.
     This is done in about 1 hour, not including warm up. You do not need cardio when done with this.
     When in better shape I up all the sets to 4. Weights and reps should be planned so that on the second set you are only getting 9-10 reps and third set 7-8 reps. Stat at this weight till you get 3 x 10 and then add just enough weight to hit back in the mentioned zone. This promotes progress without stalling your momentum.
     Today I attend a management conference all day and will hopefully get home to work on some cardio tonight.
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