Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Renaissance Clash Tournament Round Up

My Army
     Had a great day at The Fortress Comics and Games in East Lansing, MI playing 4 games with 4 great opponents.

     I will hit the high points for now and post some battle reports later.

Pics of Some Forces Set Up Prior
To the Dice Dropping
My List:

  • Deceiver                             
  •  Lord                                       170
  •     Gear: Destroyer Body, Warscyhthe, phase shifter
  •  10 Warriors                         180
  • 10 Warriors                         180
  •  9 Scarabs                             108
  •  3 Wraiths                             123
  •  8 Immortals                          224
  • 4 Flayed Ones                       72
  • 2 Tomb Spyders                    110
  • 1 Monolith                            235
Total:                                   1698
KP: 11                    Phase out: 9       Paper Comp: 70
     Like most games with Necrons it is a function of carefully controlling yours and your opponents assault phase.  For the day, the warriors were akin to a 360 point handicap as they really cannot do much but hold objectives. If you are close enough to rapid fire you are too close, as you will be assaulted. But, I do what I can with them.
    The flayed ones did very little all day...but they did earn me the extra comp points. The work horses of the list are the Deceiver, scarabs, Immortals, and monolith. The lord and the tomb spyders are blockers and damage done is a bonus. The wraiths are your cherry pickers. With their speed and ability to ignore terrain effects they beat up on soft targets and stationary vehicles.

  • Game 1 was versus Brian Williams and Orks:
     This game came down to a couple dice rolls in the last turn turning a potential draw to a narrow loss for me.
  • Game 2 was versus Harth Williams and Tau:
     Tau are one of the few armies I can out assault in most cases. A solid Necron win.
  • Game 3 was versus a very nice fellow running Death Wing:
     Aargh! The dreaded 2+ army every Necron fears! This one went back and forth. The dice were not kind to either player to a laughable extent, and laugh and cry a little we did. But the Necrons managed to steal the objective towards game end for hard fought win.
  • Game 4 was versus Michael Peters Space Marines:
     The mission had a deployment throwback to 4th edition for some nostalgia with gaining VP's for every unit escaping the table. There were some tense moments during the battle, but a handshake ended the game after a Necron solid win.
     With 3 wins and 1 loss I felt pretty good about the Necrons performance. I did make some tactical errors throughout the day, but I had a really good time.
     I ended up coming in 6th overall. Did well in composition, but was edged out on the day. I am not sure of the exact spread, but I had heard there was only about 20points or less separating 1st through 6th.
Thanks for the Read,

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  1. Dan
    Your Blog is looking good and your content is interesting. Nice job with your tourney recap. You are right about the close finish, everything had to go right for me on the last turn in order to pull the victory. Luckily my dice were on fire most of the day. Looking forward to more battles with you. It was fun to play against the Necrons.

    Brian Williams



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