Sunday, April 24, 2011

Training Update

As mentioned last post I did complete a solid chest and back work out last Wednesday night.  But, had some family drama and could not get to the gym in morning. For the weigh in....0lbs lost or gained.  This is not abnormal for me when I first get started.
It may seem like a downer after run/walking two 5k runs in the week plus four solid work outs, but I ate healthy all week and my strength is improving  a little each week. Thus, I am building muscle and improving my overall fitness. This also averages to a little over one pound a week, which is also a much healthier way to lose weight versus rapid weight loss which burns valuable muscle. I will plan to consume more water daily to help with reducing the amount my body hold onto.
For those interested and those not into the metric system; 5k equates to about 3.1 miles. So my snail passing pace of 42.5 minutes is pretty slow for any age. But, it is a start and I will progress fast.  I have researched a bit on what is a good time for males my age and found that anything under 24 minutes is pretty good for a casual runner; this is now my goal.
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