Sunday, May 1, 2011

Clearing the Motor Pool Starts with some Good and Bad News

     Well, let's start with the not good news.  See those three bags of sprues there? Yeah, I though those all contained Chimeras.

    Well, ah, no unh ah. One is a bargain bin Basilisk. I knew about that, but thought I had the bits to finish it....wrong.

    Not to be discouraged I go to the next bag...various bits and Leman Russ partial chassis...uggh! What the heck.

    Last bag did have Chimera parts but only enough to make a base for a Basilisk...oh for crying out loud!  Am I the only guy who has accumulated various multitudes of 40k stuff and has some memory gaps of what I really have?! I could have sworn I had a full Chimera at some time..heck, I even built one about 5 years ago and can not find it. Well, Snickers like floating object!

    What's the good news? Well, I did find the making of at least 25 more Henchman in the form of Imperial guardsman. So that was good. Also, with my bits box I should be able to customize (convert) those two Chimera chassis into some unique Inquisitorial Command vehicles. Converting is always good news.

    This will slow down clearing the motor pool. So my strategy here will get a little reworked today.


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