Sunday, May 1, 2011

GK List Development: Henchman Units for Review

This mostly applies to a Coteaz army:

1. 5 WA's (Warrior Acolytes) with Flak and Storm bolter, 1 Jokero, Razorback with Psybolt and Storm bolter.
·         Cost: 150 points.
·         Output: 10 storm bolter shots, 1 lascannon/Multi Melta/Hvy FLmer, 3 TL S6 AP4 36", 2 S5 AP4 24"
·         *Jokero adds flexibility and utility to squad.
·         The squad is cheap enough the BS3 is not that hard to deal with.
·         Razorback is BS4 and hard to stun/shake. At S6 with 3 TL shots this tank can threaten and harass a wide variety of targets.
·         What you are looking for with the Jokero is any of the following;
o    Increased range (upping the entire units effectiveness with 36" range Storm bolters and Multi melta)
o   Rending is always nice, especially with high volume of fire; hence the storm bolters
o   Increased armor, Power armor for free is very nice and makes the squad much more durable in or out of cover.
2. 4 Arco Flagellants, 4 DC assassins, 2 Banishers, rhino
·         Cost: 190 points
·         Best used when within 6" of Libby with Quick Silver and/or Might of Titan.
·         20 S5 WS5, 16 S4 WS5 I6, and 4 S6 2d6 attacks without buffs.
·         With above buffs, add +1 strength and an extra d6 for armor pen, at initiative 10 (minus the Banishers)
·         This counter charge unit should eat almost anything
·         low durability, the Arco flagellants help a bit with their FnP, but it is a glass hammer.

3. Karamazov and 5 Paladins with Apothecary
·         Crazy expensive
·         Crash midfield or "Hold the Line" at midfield when assaulted and drop Orbital Bombardment on own unit with little fear of hurting your self...can you say cleansing flame without a psychic test?
·         Could run a cheaper version with regular terminators or an economy version with Crusaders.
o   Paladins: 545 for Kary, 5 pallies, apoth and psycannon
o   Termies: 425 for Kary, 5 Termies, psycannon
o   Henchman: 350, 7 Crusaders, 3 DC assassins (for some CC threat) and Kary
·         Can also be done with Kary in a safe position in your back lines or in cover.
o   Storm Raven Gunship or Suicide Rush a Rhino forward.
o   Out jumps Termies or Crusaders
o   Park a template over their heads until they are killed.
o   Could create a quiet troublesome little unit of Crusaders and rhino for about:
§  120 points: 5 Crusaders, rhino (up it to 10 Crusaders for +75)
§  Heck you could even add a Banisher and 2 meltas to make it more of a threat, thus:
·         Eviscerator to deal with vehicles in CC and 2 melta in shooting bubble wrapped by 7 3+ invuls
§  If you are good at rolling 3+ invul saves...this could go on all day.
·         Big benefit here is not necessarily the damage, though it could be significant, it is the disruption and necessary redirection of your opponents forces to deal with it that is the true worth.
4. Bargain Basement Lawnmower Troop squad:
·         5 WA's with Storm bolters, Chimera, Hvy Flmer or Hvy Bolter, Multi Laser: 90pts
·         Why 5? That's how many can shoot out.
·         Can add Jokero to taste if you wish (125pts) for same reason posted above
·         Can also add 3 WA's with plasma guns to the original 5 WA'S (choose which wpn based on need for 132pts)

5. Bargain Basement Template action:
·         5 Psykers for a 36" S7 AP2 Template in a Chimera: 105pts
·         If you like Fortitude rhino over Armor 12 Chassis: 90pts
·         Add Standard WA's for 4pts each to taste for extra bodies.
o   One is recommended in case a perils attack kills your psykers, the lone WA in a Coteaz army can hold an objective...make him even more annoying by upping one WA to a Crusader for the 3+ save...probably worth it if you have the points.

Let me know what you think or if you have some good units of your own. Thanks for the read,

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