Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Training Update 4.6

     Almost a week has gone by since last entry and the weekly weigh in is looming on the next dawn.

     I have resisted all my favorite comfort foods this week (Red Licorice and Pizza and Pepsi). I have not submitted to temptation. I remain on a diet low in fat, high in protein, with slow burning (or low glyceimic index) carbohydrates. Typically I eat a very large breakfast, a few oranges through the day, a large lunch, and a small dinner (usually a low fat pasta salad after a work out and protein/fruit smoothie)

    Let's back track a bit. Friday April 29, no work out for me. I worked from 8:00am to 9:30pm...wait who said this new promotion with a salary was a good thing?! Saturday was all types of High School Prom madness.

     After two non training days I was getting anxious to get back in the gym. Sunday I completed a "Not for Weak" work out mentioned in previous posts and 25 minutes of light cardio (Read: Elliptical). Monday I shot back with some "Push Pull" back and shoulders with slightly increased weight and finished with light cardio. 
    Come Tuesday I did what I call a gratification workout because everyone typically loves to over work their chest and biceps, the T-shirt and beach muscles. I kinda felt I need a jolt so I mixed this in and it gave me a bit of a boost for the day with some push pull chest and bi's; finishing with an attempt at a 1.5mile run.
    Wednesday (yesterday) I was pretty sore all over, my ankle being the worst; so a cardio day was in order. I planned to take it light but got a hair up my behind and ended up doing the following: 4 sets of light shoulder work for my weaker left side, 10 minutes of elliptical, and another 5k run. I finished with a new best time of 40minutes 20 seconds. I was pretty whipped, just could not break the 40minute mark yet...but I will!

     Tonight I will work what is not sore and finish with at least 30 minutes of light cardio. I hit 268lb last Thursday and aiming for 266lb this week.

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