Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Training Update 4.8

     Another weigh in approaches. It seemed like this week flew by. Not much 40k or training happened, or at least it seemed that way.
     Last Friday I managed to get in a solid back and shoulder work out with some cardio (1.5mile run). Then Mum's Day weekend hit.
     Saturday was full of shopping topped off with dinner at a place near me called The Clearwater Grill. I did my best, but a juicy Ribeye convinced me it had to be eaten. I managed to refrain from desert and no sides other than rice. Of course, dedicating the day to an important Mum saw zero training (other than 5 hours of shopping).
     Sunday I took my Mum to a wonderful, though decadent calorie wise, brunch at the Plymouth, MI "885 Grill;" a historical eatery in a very nice location. I did my best here, but again no training.
     Monday I decided I must change things up and get back at it. My Right ankle felt uncommonly good, so I decided to enjoy that a day or two and not run on it. I got in a stellar leg work out with 4 sets of squats, some hamstring work. Afterwards I worked some shoulders and abdominals (Abs).
     Tuesday saw....a full day of work drama. So here we are at Wednesday with little cardio for the week and some dietary setbacks.
     On a good note though. Saturday I needed to tighten my belt one notch smaller to keep my pants where I like them...scale or not, this is the ultimate test of progress!
     Also, I have been doing weight assisted pull ups or chins for a bit now. This is a machine that compensates a set amount of body weight if you are too heavy or too weak to do an unassisted pull up with your full body weight. I started about 2.5 months ago with 55lbs assist at a body weight of 275 (so pulling 225lbs). Monday I decided to risk embarrassment and attempted the pull ups on the bar located right smack in the middle of the or hero time. I sucked it up and gave it a try. I was stoked I ripped of 6 reps with full body weight (pulling 267.5). I continued to mix sets in between legs and shoulders and managed 7 sets of 5-6 reps...very nice! Not too many old fat men doing pull ups in most gyms! :)
     With the two high points for the week I am hoping tomorrow mornings weigh in does not set me too far back!
     Who else work outs in addition to 40k? Would be interested to hear your input!
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