Friday, May 6, 2011

Training Update 4.7

     Well my ponderous forward momentum continues....akin to a Monolith I suppose  for a nice visual.

     Thursday weigh in came bright and early after a 45minu cardio session Wednesday night. I topped the scales at 267.5 pounnds. So, another one half pound weight loss.

     More importantly the weights are feeling a bit lighter and todays morning cardio session went very well. After 20 minutes of ellipitical and some abdominal work I gave the 1.5 mile run another go. This time I completed the first mile non stop and finished with a 17min 30 second time.

     Not much faster than an old lady during a Target clearance sale, but an improvement for me and I will take what i can get. If I can double that time, my 5K would improve significantly to the 36 minute area.

     Thanks for the read, get out there and exercise, and let me know how your doing!


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