Friday, May 13, 2011

Training Update 4.9

Wednesday night before Thursday (May 12) weigh in I was a bit nervous as I had a some what unproductive week.

I hit the gym and decided I would make the best of it. I warmed up and got ready for another attempt at a 5k (3.1 mile) run. I felt very good and managed to set a new personal best of 39 minutes 20 seconds...Yes! The 40 minute mark has now fallen!

I also decided to give full body weight dips a go as well. For those unfamiliar, a "dip" is where you rest the palms of your hands on a large "U" shaped apparatus that is elevated so all of your body weight rests on your arms and shoulders. From here you bend at the elbows and lower you body down and the press your self up. Kinda of like a super push up. Using your full body weight is difficult for many individuals. In my case it involves pressing 267 lbs each time (as that is how much I weigh). That is 121kg or 19 stone if their are any Brits out there.

Now usually I use a machine that assists you by taking some of that weight off of you, but I felt I was ready for the real deal...and I was. I finished 4 sets of 10 after my 5k run and felt good.

The next morning I weighed in at 267lbs...a 0.5lb weight loss and my ponderous progress proceeds!

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