Monday, August 15, 2011

'Ard Boyz After Action Report:

I designed my list to move as a phalanx. The Pariahs moving behind the monolith in the center.  Immortals on each flank, each with a cover save provided by the monolith from the opposite opponents flank. The Lord center behind the Pariahs, giving orb bonus to Immortals and projecting Nightmare Shroud as far as possible.  Remaining units are harriers and distracters.
I anticipated playing BA (with Librarians), GK (pykers galore), and SW's. The phalanx would project the LD7 bubble forward the Lord and Deceiver forcing multiple LD tests...thus causing massive fall backs (to be chased off board by faster units) and hitting on 6's in CC. Such was my evil plan.
I would have to change plans is facing any Rzr Spam or Deamons (my nemesis army).
Round 1: Chaos Deamons (Arrggh!)
Luckily for me the Deamons list was a slow list, though very tough.
Herald of Khorne
8 Bloodcrushers
8 Bloddcrushers
7 Beasts of Nurgle
14 Plaguebearers
14 Plaguebearers
7 Nurglings
Deamon Prince, MoN
Deamon Prince, MoN
Deamon Prince, MoS

Problems with Necrons and Deamons boils down to Necrons play keep away; as in the shoot and duck and move avoiding only the assaults of my choosing. Deamons negate this as their deployment is unpredictable and end up not having to trudge across the board. Versus this list I saw right off that the traitor would go in reserve, walk on and join the Epdemius and 14 plague bearer squad somewhere at the back of the table.  I ended up going second, deployed center around two very large pieces of terrain with my Warriors in reserve, one with the traitor. During the game I did my best to slow down the advance of the blood crushers and focused fire on the DP's. My Dcvr did pin the unit of bloodcrushers in terrain..causing a massive traffic jam and probably handing me the game with that roll. The rest of my army whittled down anything in range. The wraiths and scarabs hightailed it for my opponents board edge to intercept the traitor. My remaining units stayed very spaced out to deny areas for him to drop into my backfield. This worked as the beasts of nurgle misshaped and were destroyed. Eventually the traitor came in and my destroyers brought him down. Game ended 11 KP to 1 for 19 points.

Game 2: Space Wolved
SW From memory:
3 Rune Priests (2/lightening, 1/Jaws, 1/storm caller, 1/Hurraince)
3x9 Grey hunters in DP with  melta gun, mark of wulfen
15 Blood claws w/Wolf priest in Landraider crusader
10 WG, to cyclone missle launchers and bodies with 3 w/melta gun/PF
2x6 Long fangs with 5 ML
Dred Lascannon, ML

Ahhh. Get to use my strategy!....or Not. I went second. To my surprise he did not Drop Pod his rune priest and placed his long fangs in cover that was midfield. I built my phalanx as best I could. But I did need to spread out to cover the side objectives. I also had a massive impassable terrain piece in my deployment zone that hampered my movement.  My evil plan did cause one unit of GH's to  run away...but he passed about another 8 LD checks with no problem. Versus SW I always focus fire on the long fangs. While he focused on my monolith I slowly eroded his long range shooting and focused close range shooting on his grey hunters. I ended up holding the center and a neutral objective while contesting the other two for a major victory. Game ended with 19 points.

Game Three: Black Templars...ahhh my evil LD plan not so good here, lol.

BT From memory:
Emp Champ "Accept any Challenge"
Terminator assault squad with furious charge land raider crusader, ea, machine spirit
Crusader squad , melta, PF
Crusader squad, lascannon, plasma, rhino,pf
Crusader squad, melta, pf, rhino
Ven dred lascannon, ML
Pred Annilator, ea, machine spirit
2x Vindicator, ea, machine spirit

I elected the Dcvr to be my double VP HQ, he the Marshall. I counted on his toughness to carry the day. I also expected him to be very aggressive. I had first turn and deployed in a wide line optimizing cover. I only started with Dcvr at midfield, Warriors again in reserve. End of my turn saw the Dcvr penetrate into his deployment area behind cover about 18 inche from his board edge with my units spread out to maximize shooting. He had kept everything off table to come on his first turn. To my huge surprise he bunched up in the far corner the farthest from my forces and Dcvr and commencing shooting. Taking out my wriaths...Doh! This is going to be a shooting battle! Over the course of the game it was very tactical as we spent moving and shooting to gain the advantage. I was a bit out of my element being the aggressor vs BT's with Necrons. Eventually I was able to clog up his movement with some immobilizations. This was not easy as extra armor and power of the machine spirit effectively negates all 1's and 2's...which is what you will roll the most of only using the glancing hits chart. In the end we drew on almost identical VP's, I came out with one more BP. 11 to 10 Draw.
Not a bad day for the Necrons. My swag picture shows what I picked up for only $7.

List Summary:
I think my Chaos list would have done just as well, though giving up a few more units on the day. Hard to tell as would have had different match ups.

What worked and what did not:
Dcvr is always tough. Soaked much shooting and deterred head long rushes into close combat. Killed 2 DP's, grey hunter squad, Predator, some crusaders. Most things ran away from it, so this it had to chase down.

Monolith is a champ: Should really run two. Soaked tremendous amount of shooting. It is basically immune to missile launchers and meltas....the by far most prevalent choice of MEQ these days.

Immortals were on fire the amount of fire was impressive when focused.
Warriors still suck: They go in reserve every game to deny Necron casualties
Wraiths: failed me huge...killed....nada
Lord: killed...nada...died twice very easily...oh yea...he did smack down a DP, and a vindicator on the day.
Pariahs...were scary...then might of well as been Immortals
Scarabs: excellent distracters as always
Destroyers: I actually prevented them from being assaulted all day and they added their fire to good effect all day.

My Game Play:
I made a mistake game one letting my Lord get just a 1/2" too up my KP...which made a massacre into a major.
Game two I split my forces too much and over reached with my CC on grey hunters that nearly cost me.
Game Three I failed to focus my fire enough
All three games I did not focus enough on the BP extras.
Had I aced these items I would have eked out a few more points.

How I would change my list in reflection:
Drop Pariahs; add 8 more immortals or another monolith
Drop Wraiths: add 4/5 more Destroyers with the extra points
Drop  or change the lord: He really is only good at two things...Orb holder or, drop the orb take invul and phylactery and learn to throw him at the correct targets

Unit Casualties for the Day:

Game 1: Lord
Game 2: Scarabs
Game 3: Lord, Wraiths, 1/2 Pariahs

Not sure what I will play at the Regionals. I expect to see much tougher lists, including many dreaded net lists of rzr spam, GK's, BA's, etc.

Thanks for the read,

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