Friday, August 19, 2011

Training Update 8.1

It has been a while since I posted on my ongoing training. But fear not! I have been working hard to achieve my goals.

Let me summarize what I have been up to. The last “Biggest Loser” challenge ended June 26, 2011.
 I organized a new one. This time around the contest will run for approximately 16 weeks; beginning July 21, 2011 to October 20, 2011. There is a $15.00us buy in. Contestants will need to ante up $0.50 for every week they gain weight or miss a weigh in.
 Prizes will include overall winner (greatest % body weight lost), Poster Child (he/she who demonstrates the largest visual change as voted on by contestants), One Week Boss (most weight lost in a single week).
Even though I had a few weeks off, I stayed with my healthy eating plan and consistent work outs. I did need to recover from a calf tear; which I did by lessening my cardio and temporarily stopping my running for a few weeks. I then started back slowly and adding a little distance each week.
Here is the breakdown of my weekly weigh ins:
·         Beginning: 262lbs (Nice!! Did not shoot way up during the time off)
·         Week 1: 256.5lbs (Wow!! Big loss of 5.5lbs. I knew this was probably mostly water weight so I expected a bounce  back)
·         Week 2: 258.5lbs (There came my bounce back!)
·         Week 3: 256lbs (Ahh, back on track to steady, controlled healthy weight loss)
·         Week 4: 255lbs (Weight as of today)
While participating in the weight loss challenge and slowly adding distance to my runs, I have used this activity to train for my first outdoor 5k Run. There is a 5k race every summer in the town I live in during an annual melon festival. I have also improved my time significantly from the last challenge in the 5k run; from 36min 4 sec to 31min 35sec.
The “Race” (using that term loosely, as I am so slow) is this evening and I am all set and feeling fine. I have coaxed my fiancé to come and cheer me on and I will try to get her to take some pics as well.
She is also there in case I need an emergency rescue ;)
Thanks for the read and wish me luck,

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