Saturday, August 20, 2011

Training Update 8.2: "Oh, the pain!"

Well, the Melon Ball 5k saw me at the start and the finish line last night.

I will say that running cross country is NOTHING like running on a treadmill.

By my estimate I would need to run 4 miles at varying elevation on a treadmill to equal the difficulty of running 3.1(5k) miles out side on various terrain and inclines.

My goal was to run non-stop and finish. I managed to finish. I just had to stop at two points due to shortness of breath and pain in my bad leg.

I finished with a time of 36minutes 30 seconds and was very fatigued. By comparison my last indoor 5k was at 31minutes 30 seconds and I felt pretty good afterward.

Today my right (bad) leg is very sore especially my right ankle and I am walking with quite a limp. I doubt I could run around the block to catch a hundred dollar bill. However, I did complete the race and I actually was ahead of quite a few people when I finished.

There is another 5k run near Halloween on October 22. I already have the flier on my fridge. I plan to up my training and set a goal to beat that outdoor record by several minutes.

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