Monday, September 26, 2011

Blood Angel Retro Project: Part I "What to do with all these dusty models?"

For years I have been holding on to these LoTD models (old and with a few new) for a project.
After 'Ard Boys I wanted to do something Fun! and different  that actually gets an army on the table quickly.
I am challenging myself to write a list, get it built and completely painted in very short period of time.
The time element is relative to each of us, but for me less than 60 days is very quick for a 1250-1750 point army.
Here is the list: Blood Angels 1250-1500
·         1250
·         HQ1:Death Company Tycho: 175
·         E1: Sanguinary Priest (50)Bike(35)Melta bombs(5): 90
·         T1:Tac Squad #10(170)PlasmaCannon(5) Melta(5)Assault Cannon Rzrback(90):270
·         T2:Tac Squad #10(170)PlasmaCannon(5) Melta(5)Assault Cannon Rzrback(90):270
·         T3:Death Company #8(160)3pwr wpns(45)Thunder Hmmr(30)Rhino(50):285
·         F1:#3 Mulitmelta Attack Bikes (MM AB): 150
·         1240
 *The remaining 10 points is to load out the Tac squads differently. I have ML, ML,LC and PC toting LoTD models to work with

·         1500: Add Either: 3 MM AB's and Corbulo  or: Mephiston
·         1750: Add both the above
*Yes, I will shamelessly place three unique special characters in my fun Army. No, the list is not meant to be competitive. Yes I will convert and use the LoTD as counts as BA's because I like the models and wish to clear my shelves.
Progress Pics to follow as I progress.
Thanks for the read,
*Note this list is meant to be fun, aggressive, and make use of the models I have. I will play it a dozen or so times before letting myself add anything to it.

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