Tuesday, September 27, 2011

11th Company Podcast Interview

Wanted to throw up a link to a recent interview I did with"The 11th Company" Warhammer 40k Podcast.

 There is a link below and the interview with Pat is around the 30 minute mark, right after Goatboy.

I talk a little about my 2500 point Space Wolf list and how/why I got interested in the hobby.

If you have not checked out their podcast give them a listen they are a professional bunch and do a nice job.

 Episode 87: Sisters of Battle
Great episode this week with lots of various talk and content.
  • Short introduction to the episode
  • This Week in Gaming (3:58) - Discuss games this week and tournament
  • Pat's Corner (34:10) - Goatboy and Dan Eaton Space Wolves
  • Community (1:11:30) - Breast Cancer Awareness, Feast of Blades, Geeknation Tours, Tournaments
  • 40UK (1:37:17) - Meta Discussion
  • Codex Countdown (2:24:32) - Sisters of Battle
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