Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blood Angel Retro Project: Part II "Tycho Lives Again!"

 Here are two WIP's of my retro BA leader Captain Tycho.

You can see him in the group shot on a regular base there in the front line.

Starting with an OOP legion of the damned sergeant, I added a less flashly back pack, a Khorne Bezerker Left arm and Chain Axe and snassed up his base.

The base is from Secret Weapon at:

I added the two rocks and the skull.

Next up is Stage2...

I started with the black armor. I am following the excellent tutorial for painting/converting Legion of the Damned marines found HERE

I am tweaking it a bit to work with the paints at hand.

I am new to tutorials, so my pics leave quite a bit to be desired. I will improve as I go along....not that my painting should ever be used as anything but a very loose/beginner tutorial.

Interestingly enough, the OOP LotD models are going for a tidy sum on ebay and fellas want to charge serious prices for retro rhinos; even those in battered/used condition.

With this in mind I might have to improvise and come up with some possible alterations to the list.

First would be to magnetize the back packs and convert jump packs...that way I can run Regular Assault Squads (RAS) in a rhino or with a jump pack.   See how a simple project can grow and get away from you?

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