Monday, October 10, 2011

Little Help from Readers with Picking a Project

I am asking for help from readers on deciding my current 40k project! Read on.

I have mentioned this in past posts, but my 40k life and real life are in direct opposition.

In my career as a nurse and manager of a facility that helps individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI's) I am very decisive, even director like.

In  40k I bounce all over the map; completing a project here, half a project there, a 1000 great ideas and little completion of any one in particular.

This is both fun....and irritating. Fun, because I can do what I want, when I want. Irritating as I never seem to get a project least to the point of being able to run a decent army for a significant period of time.

So with the ground set, help a gamer out and provide some feedback....

There is a 40k league starting up in my areas on Friday nights.

The rules can be found here: 40k Fightclub Legios Sparticus Winter 2012 Campaign

Basically I need to build a 2100 point army with a 1500 point unchanging core.

The 1500 point core will be posted for all league members to view, etc.

What I would like your assistance with is picking a force to complete...complete = painted !!

Here are the choices:

The good...maybe a codex soon, no building needed.
The bad...kinda dull. Really does not get my motivation going.

Chaos ( Competitive build ala two DP's, Nurgle troops, Oblits)....
The good...I like Chaos, played it alot the last couple years, army is well on it's way to being painted and painted well.
The bad....I have played and painted alot of Chaos in the last couple years.

Blood Angels...Using LotD models, DC heavy, 
The good.... love the models, new army, current project.
The bad....expensive to get new additions (this is very bad for me right now) so army composition will suffer for quite some time.

 Space Wolves...looking at Bjorn led force similar to my Ard' Boyz list
 The good...own all the models already, plenty of conversions, very solid codex, like the paint scheme.
The bad...not one really.

Grey Knights...Coteaz Henchman build (list coming in article), would be a GK counter list if have my way
The good... awesome codex, plenty of conversion possibilities, been on project block for a while, have most of the models...though 2100 points is large.
The bad...everyone is playing GK's

Orks.... All comer list..either Kan wall or horde boyz
The good...Yes, I am thinking of resurrecting my Orks, I have tons of old models and a good fair few already painted ready for touch up and would be good to go. The army I started 40k in and an army the blog has seen a fair amount of interest in. Many have moved on from Orks to GK's BA and IG for quite some time and "Orks are not competitive" has made it full circle again...this always increases my interest in an army...See Necrons and CSM battle reports.
The bad...painted models do not match the current codex composition, so much work to be done here...Orks always mean loads of weakness...but it is the first army I ever fielded that was completely painted. I could get psyched with this one really.

So, there you have it. Send me your thoughts by email or responding to this post. One week from today the decision will be made.

I guarantee I will build, paint, and play the entire 2100 point list in the upcoming league. Strategy, painting WIP's, and battle reports posted regularly.

Thanks for the help and the read,



  1. Orks! Seems that you really like them, and they are the ones that I felt you sounded the most iinterested in.

  2. I like Orks too how about a kan wall backed up by Ork trukks.

  3. Thanks for the input.

    That's two for the Orks so far!


  4. Hey guys,

    Take a minute and pop your vote into the poll if you would.

    Necrons received a vote today...mmm...I wonder if it that came from one of my fellow league competitors?!




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