Thursday, October 27, 2011

2100 Orks Project: IV: Building and List Revisions Continue

I continue to revise my list a little at a time and tweak a thing or two.

I plan to return to my thoughts on writing Ork lists  and lists in general after the upcoming tournament.

 I am short on time and need to focus between now and Sunday on my list, making sure I am completely "WYSIWYG" and ready to go.

this will be the first time I have played some of these units in a game of 40k and the first time I have brought out the orks for a game since summer of 08' 

As usual i will throw myself directly into the crucible of competitive play with no practice games and a new list.

Ha! bring it on! Feels like an orky move to me!

with my 2100 hundred orks project i feel the pull towards a shooty ork list. however with time constraints and most of my orky experience being with the old speed freaks, i decided to appeal to my roots and so developed this Mostly trukk bash list.

i realize the list could be described as a "tool box" or "rainbow" list; and I am fine with that.

for those unfamiliar with those 40k internet terms; a tool box list generally takes a wide variety of codex selections providing you with a unit for anything you might face, there may me some or little redundancy of force org. selections ("Spamming") . 

a rainbow list in truest form is a list that does not duplicate any codex selection and a will also try to include a solution for anything you may encounter.

my list does not fit the definition of either in their truest forms, but is similar to both list types.

here is the current rundown, categorized by round:

round 1: 1250 points

HQ1: Big Mek, Kustom Force Field                                                   [85]
E1: 10 Burnas, 3 meks with rokkits                                                [165]
E2: 11 Lootas                                                                                                    [165]
T1-4: 12 slugga boyz, nob w/ klw, bp, trukk w/red paint Job(rpj), Armor plates(ap), reinforced ram(rr)for 157ea                                                            [628]
h1: Battle wgn w/deff rolla, rpj, ap, 2 big shoota          [135]
h2: 3 kannons, 3 ammo runts, 1 crew                                              [72]

total: 1250/1250 points

Round 2: 1750 points

**same as round 1 but add the following:
hq2: ghazzkull [225]
Troop5: 5 mega nobs, 3 kombi skorcha,2 kombi rokk, trukk w/rpj, rr, rokkit [275]

total: 1750/1750

Round 3: 2250 points

**Same as round 2 but add the following:

Troop6: 30 shoota boys, nob w/klw, bp, 2 big shootas [230]
f1: 3 tl rokkit buggies                                                                            [105]
f2: 5 warbikes, nob w/klw, BP                                                         [165]

total: 2250/2250

**I dropped the tank bustas for more long range shooting early on. Of course, that led to not really having a place for the looted wagon...thus a few more changes.

Today so far I have built 3 more meks with special weapons, dug around for all my power klaw sets, started my bikes and and finished assembling  8 lootas. 

I also built the odd shoota boy, mek, and tank, well, i had all the bits right there even though i may not use them on Sunday.

tonight will see me finish up what i can on the bikes, start separating my squads and setting up all rides for any needed modifications.

thanks for the read,


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