Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2100 Orks Project: Part III "Taking the Boyz out for a Run"

Often, time seems to fly by despite our attempts to hold onto it. My week is heating up work wise (though I do have the end of the week off! Yeah!), I need to get back into training, and there are always a few projects around the house needing to be done.

Despite these real life intrusions, I keep chugging along slowly...much like a fungal growth (Ork origin reference..not actual infection ;)

Last night was light as I got some Ork/Gretchen skin base coated and created my working draft for my list I plan to run this Sunday at this EVENT.

Took some mulling over. Scaling the list up without painting myself in a corner, combined with maximizing what models I have mostly ready, caused me a bit of consternation.

These are my lists for the escalation type event as the above link describes:

Round 1: 1250points

  • HQ1: Big Mek: Kustom force field [85]
  • E1: 9 Burnas [135]
  • E2: 9 Tank Bustas, 2 tank hammers, nob, klaw, boss pole, bomb squig [170]

  • Troop 1-4: Trukk boyz: #12, slugga choppa, nob, klaw, boss pole, trukk, red paint job(RPJ), armored plates (AP), Reinforced Ram (RR), rokkit  [162ea].....[648 total]
  • H1: Battle wagon: Deff Rolla, RPJ, AP, Big Shoota x2 [135]
  • H2: Looted Wagon: RPJ, AP, RR, 2 rokkits [75]
Total Points: 1248/1250

Round 2: 1750 points

Same as Round 1; but add:
  • HQ2: Ghazzkull [225] 
  • Troop 5: #5 Mega Armored Nobs (MAN's), 5xkombi skorcha/rokk, Trukk w/RPJ, RR, Rokkit [275]
Total Points: 1748/1750

Round 3: 2250 points

Same as Round 2; but add:

  • Troop 6: 17 Shoota boyz, nob, klaw, boss pole, 1 big shoota [147]
  • H3; Battle wagon, kannon, 3 big shootas, RPJ, AP [120]
  • E3: 4 MAN, 3xkombi skorcha, Trukk w/RPJ, AP, RR [225]
  • +2 Bomb Squig to Tank Bustas [10]

Total Points: 2250/2250

May continue to revise a bit, but I finally have a working copy that I like. Ghazz is a question mark..he will need to be converted/bought prior to Sunday..but the list will work with a standard Warboss...just not quite as well.

Thanks for the read,

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