Monday, October 24, 2011

2100 Hundred Orks Project: WIP Update

A short update this morning (6:04 am in the MI, USA). Spent most of the weekend building Orks; little painting.

I retrofit 22 Slugga boyz to Shoota me 40 Shoota Boyz total, with 4 Big Shootas.

Remaining boyz consist of 20 'Ard Boyz and 40+ Slugga Boyz (built previously).

I have enough Shootas left to make about 10-12 more Shoota Boyz.

I built a plastic nob with Klaw and boss pole (I have tons of Nobs...but only a few with Klaws that are not in Mega Armor).

Built 8 Lootas. Spare parts saw another Big Shoota boy and 3 Tank Bustas.

Managed to find another 6 gretchen needing bases and all the pcs for Kannons/lobbas/or zzap gun artillery batteries.

Also managed to base and prime 20 gretchen, a herder with squig hound, a pain boy and two more tank bustas.

Doesn't look like much on paper, but kept me pretty busy throughout the weekend.

Goal today and tomorrow is to finalize my list (s) for the upcoming Sunday Escalation tournament.

Basically, the first round is 1250 points, round 2 add 500pts, round 3 add 500pts. What I am finding with Orks is that I can build a tough list at any point level, making one that scales well is another matter.

For example you can make a killer list at 1250...but you fill up almost all the FO slots...leaving gaps at the next point still working that out.

I also must take into account what I can accomplish this week with work and family expect this to affect unit selection, etc (example is I have 6 killa kans, but none are assembled).

All for now. Thanks for the read,


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