Sunday, October 30, 2011

2100 Orks Project VI: Tourny Time

Well, today is the day. I finalized my list and posted it below.  

 It is a good idea to pull you models out and take a solid look at them from across the table if you have not played that army in a while just to make sure all your "t's" are crossed.

I did that and as a result I took out/off anything that made me go "mmm". This freed up a bit of points and a lobba unit was born.

I have also been on a boy building spree and built another 25 or so odd boyz yesterday. this leaves me with maybe 45 odd orks; 20 boyz and then various pain boyz, dozen or so nobs, etc.

after that it is on to the kans, and retrofitting the vehicles.

30 October escalation list:

round 1: 1250 points
HQ1: Big Mek, Kustom Force Field                                                                                         [85]
E1: 10 Burnas, 3 meks with rokkits                                                                                      [165]
E2: 11 Lootas, w/3 meks with big shootas                                                     [165]
T1: 12 slugga boyz, nob w/ klw, bp, trukk w/red paint Job(rpj), Armor plates(ap), reinforced ram(rr)for                                                                 [157]
T2: 12 slugga boyz, nob w/ klw, bp, trukk w/ap                                    [147]
T3: 12 slugga boyz, nob w/ klw, bp, trukk w/rpj, Ap                         [152]
T4: 12 slugga boyz, nob w/ klw, bp, trukk w/ap,rr                            [152]
h1: Battle wgn w/deff rolla, rpj, ap, 2 big shoota                             [135]
h2: 3 kannons, 2 ammo runts                                                                                                       [66]
h3: 1 lobba                                                                                                                                                    [25]
total: 1249/1250 points

Round 2: 1750 points
**same as round 1 but add the following:
hq2: ghazzkull                                                                                                                                      [225]
Troop5: 5 mega nobs, 3 kombi skorcha,2 kombi rokk, trukk w/rpj, rr                                                                                                                                                                         [270]
h2: +1 Ammo Runt                                                                                                                                    [3]         
total: 1748/1750

Round 3: 2250 points
**Same as round 2 but add the following:
Troop6: 30 shoota boys, nob w/klw, bp, 2 big shootas [230]
f1: 3 tl rokkit buggies                                                                                                     [105]
f2: 5 warbikes, nob w/klw, BP                                                                 [165]
total: 2248/2250

thanks for the read,

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