Monday, October 31, 2011

2100 Hundred Orks Project: Part VII...Job's a Good 'un

Just a quick update on the 30 Oct tournament,
Orks managed to eek out 2 wins and a narrow loss in the third round, finishing somewhere between 4th and 6th out of approximately 27 players.

I took plenty of pics and will work on some game summaries and what I thought of the orks after not fielding them for so long.

I will preface by saying i was extremely rusty and made many tactical errors...also the trukk boyz were pretty lackluster in assault as we'll see. My poor rolling for all things "powered"; ie. fist or klaw continues to be a major downer and lending weight to my constant questioning of the reasoning of putting a klaw or fist everywhere one can, at least for me.

additionally, I promise to  use "ork Speak" sparingly, I do like it in post titles though.

All for now. thanks for the read,


1 comment:

  1. Awesome job, I usually go 0-3 when I play, but it's my own fault since I don't play often - can't wait to read more!



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