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2100 Hundred Orks Project:: Tournament Recap Part 1 of 4

Alright time for a tournament recap, unit analysis, stuff that would have worked well had I taken it, future list ideas with thoughts on ork unit load outs.  I expect his will get done in parts as I tend to get quite verbose.

Couple notes on the format prior starting. The instructions on how you could use your points for each round was a little vague. It did not affect the games per se, but it did cause me to struggle building the list. There were only a total of 14 players not 27 as I had thought...maybe I was seeing double due to fatigue! 

The tournament was run well and the missions were Adepticon Combat Squad missions slightly altered for point levels and larger table size. The missions were challenging without being overly complicated. This means, yes you had to read the mission, but it was not over the top.

Here are the lists I took for each round:

Round 1: 1250 points
·         HQ1: Big Mek, Kustom Force Field                                                      [85]
·         E1: 10 Burnas, 3 meks with rokkits                                                      [165]
·         E2: 11 Lootas, w/3 meks with big shootas                                        [165]
·         T1: 12 slugga boyz, nob w/ klw, bp, trukk w/red paint Job(rpj),
·         Armor plates(ap), reinforced ram(rr)for                                           [162]
·         T2: 12 slugga boyz, nob w/ klw, bp, trukk w/ap                            [157]
·         T3: 12 slugga boyz, nob w/ klw, bp, trukk w/rpj, Ap  [157]
·         T4: 12 slugga boyz, nob w/ klw, bp, trukk w/ap                            [157]
·         h1: Battle wgn w/deff rolla, rpj, ap, 2 big shoota                          [135]
·         h2: 3 kannons, 2 ammo runts                                                                   [66]
Total: 1249/1250 points

Round 2: 1750 points
·         **same as round 1 but add the following:
·         hq2: ghazzkull                                                                                                [225]
·         Troop5: 5 MAN's, 3 kombi skorcha/2 rokk, trukk, rpj, rr          [270]
·         h2: +1 Ammo Runt                                                                                         [3]         
total: 1748/1750

Round 3: 2250 points
·         **Same as round 2 but add the following:
·         Troop6: 28 shoota boys, nob w/klw, bp, 2 big shootas                [229]
·         f1: 3 tl rokkit buggies                                                                                   [105]
·         f2: 5 warbikes, nob w/klw, BP                                                                [165]
total: 2248/2250

**My previously posted lists saw me miss a few items of wargear. I caught all this before game time....maybe I should invest in Army Builder !

First Round 1250 points:

My opponent was a Black Templar player named Brian, Very nice guy. He went on to come in second in the tournament overall. 

From memory he ran:

  • ·         Marshal in terminator armor, Storm shield, thunder hammer 
  •   EC, accept any challenge 
  • 5 assault terminators, 2 claws, three th/ss 
  • land raider crusader 
  • vindicator with power of the machine spirit 
  • two 10 man templar squads with melta and 2 neophytes each.       

Adepticon Mission 3-Eternally on Edge:

  • Primary-control the objective marker at end of draw on this objective 
  •   Secondary-player that controls the most table quarters..any unit can  hold this. 
  • Tertiary-one scroing unit wholly  within your opponents deployment zone 
  • +1 commander in opponents deployment zone 
  • +1 destroy all opponents non troop units

·       Deployment-Spearhead

Special Rules within 6" of center objective marker:
  •   -1 to cover saves 
  • units may not go to ground/pinned instead fall back 
  • all units loos fearless in close combat
  • moving away from puls is treated as difficult terrain

If I remember correctly, I won first turn and gave it to my opponent. 

He set castled right in the middle, tanks giving cover to infantry.

I deployed lootas for side shots, elevated kannons and put rest of units central and protected by KFF. His shots bounced off my KFF first round.

Basically, I took shots of opportunity. Lootas downed Vindicator with side armor shots (their most significant achievement on the day, cannons kept fragging infantry. 

Eventually, I saw that I could not dent the LR...say turn three and sent two Trukk boys squads to assault...hoping the Nobs with 8 S9 attacks could do it in....and no...took off a weapon. 

Return fire and assault saw both squads save 2 orks and a nob die. They hightailed it to hold a back quarter. I also moved a trukk to hold my R flank quarter.

I then gave up on the center objective and the Land raider and mopped up the infantry with accumulated fire and took out a few terminators. I did try to deff rolla both the terminators and the LR..and well. Game ended turn 5 due to time with both players getting equal turns.

Orks win taking the secondary, tertiary and one BP.

Good game. My opponent was a super nice guy and would play him again any time. We had a little discussion about what can hold a quarter, as he had two with a couple models over the quarter lines. But the mission cleared it up for us, as a unit can only claim a quarter it is mostly in.

Orky Observations:

  •  I had no answer for land raiders or assault terminators
  • Ork boyz...well not so good in assault. I did launch an assault with one full trukk squad at 5 BT's....Orks were slapped around, but held. A second squad bailed them out.
  • Lootas inspire much fear, but beyond being pretty good at taking out armor 10-13 they struggle quite a bit for the points. I deployed them poorly and blocked all my big shoota shots all game..doh
  •  The mek needs a flamer, him just sitting on top of my battle wagon and twisting dials is kinda lame...since he is in the center of the action. 
  • I liked the burnas...turned the tide with their many flame templates after a failed assault..also the 3 rokkits gave me more dispersed anti tank threat...3 is the magic number as well with BS2 as you only hit 1/3 of the with 3 you should see a hit every time you shoot. 
  • The kannons flexibility was beneficial. The ammo runts were worth the points. Note to Ork players...use them right away...more than likely the squad will not hang around long and you will just loose them if try to save them.
So a solid win, but not max points so put me midfield round 2; which is up next.

After the first round armies were set up for paint judging of the 1250 point lists. I snapped a few pics before heading out for refreshments and mingle with attendees.

Enjoy and thanks for the read,


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