Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2100 Orks Project: Tournament Recap Part 2 of 4

Time for round two.

Adepticon 2011 Mission 2: Thou Shall Know Thy Duties

Deployment: Pitched Battle
**A single objective is placed in center of table and players roll off to place one more each that must be 12" from any board edge and another objective.

  • Primary: Seize Ground. The player that controls the most objective markers at end of game achieves this objective.

  • Secondary: Preserve the Cargo, Mind the Rot.. At the end of the game if your force contains 50% or more than its total starting kill pints, then you can claim this objective.

  • Tertiary: Assassinate. A player achieves this objective by destroying the opposing player's designated commander.

  • Objective Bonuses: +2: Forward Base. Have your most expensive scoring unit finish over 50% starting strength controlling or contesting the center objective.

    My opponent was a fellow named Paul who I have played many times and know from our regular group. Very good guy and competent player. His army is nicely painted and he knows what it can do. His list was the following:

    5 Fire Dragons
    10 Howling Banshees with Exarch w/Wave Serpent..Shuriken Cannons, TL scatter lasers
    3 guardian jet bikes
    3 guardian jet bikes
    3 guardian jet bikes
    10 Dire Avengers with Exarch w/Wave Serpent, TL shirkan catapults, TL bright lances
    Falcon, holo field, spirt stones, scater laser, tl shuriken catapults, pulse laser
    10 striking scorpions with exarch
    3 War Walkers with two scatter lasers each

    We rolled off for placing objectives. Paul won and placed the one seen at the bottom of the pic or on my left flank mid table.

    I actually ruminated for a minute and decided to give Paul the choice of the easy objective or the better cover. I was hoping he would take the bait and opt for the easy me the better cover for my lootas and kannons...he did not you can see.

    We set up as you can see in the pic. Though Eldrad fooled the Orks who lined up their lootas to take down those very scary scatter lasers by redeploying them on my far left flank. Paul also moved his serpents and falcon around a bit if I remember correctly. I attempted to seize..and failed and we were off for the first turn.

    For this mission Ghazzy was my designated commander and Eldrad was Paul's.

    I was pretty concerned by those war walkers. I knew they could overcome the KFF pretty easy on my Armor 10 trukks.

    Sure enough, Paul took out one on my left flank. He also skimmed 24" to plant the falcon with holo fields and sipirt stones directly in front of my battle wagon hoping to block and slow my advance.

    I groaned inwardly, as I know how many time I have had to roll two dice and take the lowest in the past. This was a pivotal turn. He also beat up on the lootas a bit but they held. My kannons were ace and took out two war walkers, hitting and causing 3 pens.

    I rammed the Falcon...Nada..jink save. I shot at the rear armor with all the big shootas I could get off including disembarking Ghazzy and using his big shoota...Nada.

    Lootas whiffed on their targeted Falcon. Dejected I got ready to charge with Ghazzy....light bulb...the pistol carrying sluggas had a shot at the rear armor...oh what the heck....5 hits...3 6's on the armor pen....and rolling two and taking the lowest....double 6's...banzai!  Since it had turbo'd the immobilization result caused it too wreck...Ghazzy then happily mopped up the fire dragons that piled out mumbling in Eldar, "OK, what the flying heck just happened!"

    With better control of my left flank and solid control of the middle I advanced. The crafty Eldar did not give up the ghost helm just yet though. Paul continued to pick on my lootas and brought in from reserve his bikes that played cat...shoot...and mouse. Striking scorpions came in on my left flank and took out a boyz squad that I emergency disembarked poorly and the howling banshees finished the lootas in assault.

    I entered into a fuzzy stage here and made some mistakes that nearly cost me. I moved my kombi skorching mega nobs "AWAY" from the Armor 4 banshees before I knew what I had done...but luckily I eventually did enough damage to them that they broke to be caught by the burna squad that had caught a ride in the MAN's trukk.

    Late game the pesky jet bikes did not jump quite far enough away after shooting me up...and the MAN's in the battle wagon caught one squad, trukk boyz another and the burnas the third. This spelled the end for the Eldar.

    There was some more finishing things up, but the Orks had taken as solid win. Taking two objectives to none and KP determined secondary. Neither of us got the tertiary. The Orks also took the +2 as the MAN's held the center objective.

    Paul took the game in stride and as always he provided a great game and good time.

    Game Notes:

    • Playing the Eldar is always a tactical exercise for me. You know that their fast stuff is hanging back to zoom out and take/contest objectives late game and you need to watch your resources and plan your turns. In my case the lucky explosion was huge in this game.

    • Once again my boyz whiffed in assault. My power klaws continue to hit maybe once out every 4 attacks. I am not going to count Ghazz eating the fire dragons...that's a gimme. But my 12 boyz took a spanking from the scorpions and lootas from the banshees. 12 Trukk boyz barely took out the three jet bikes and lost 2 on the way in. The MAN's handily won their assault...but I consider that another gimme. 

    • I am developing a theory on the standard Ork Boy, and will explore it in Part IV.

    • Ghazzy could have been a War boss for all the good I used him...I am really inexperienced with fact this is the first time ever using him. We will return to him also in Part IV. 

    • Kannons were ace this game. Lootas were bullet magnets. Burnas with the 3 Rokkits were ace. Battle wagon and KFF Mek did their thing very well. Speed combined with ability to assault out of my open topped vehicles won this game for me.
    All for now. Thanks for the read,


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