Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Orks it is! The Ork Project Begins!

Well, the results are clear and honestly I am quite pleased. I actually would have been just fine with any of the choices; though I admit to a soft spot for the ole' Orks.

This also works out well as I have done nothing with my Orks for several years combined with the fact they were my first army.

The icing is that the Orks have gone full circle...prior to the current codex they were considered not very good, when the current codex came out...they were everywhere, considered top tier, and all over the competitive scene; now...they are on the decline.

This is the internet view as I perceive it reading list reviews and tournament reports not my opinions about Orks in general.

In general I am tickled Orks have kinda self adjusted back to where most only the people who play Orks are they ones who really like Orks...not just looking for an awesome tournament net list.

I am pretty geeked and have a few things running through my mind.

First up what I am going to begin with: A group of Gretchen and herder.

I choose this unit for the first one as working on the skin will get my mojo going without ruining any real orks and the simple models should help get a feeling of accomplishment as I get a 20 or so done quickly.

Lastly, the gretchen unit is a viable objective grabbing choice in many lists.

I have some ideas on where I am headed list wise and want to post them up soon.

Thanks for all the votes and of course the read,



  1. I know what you mean when you say you have a soft spot for Orks. I have no plans to ever play them but when ever the subject comes up it takes everything I have not to go out and buy a full army. £150 was the last list I worked out which in the far future of the 41st millennium is on the reasonable side.

  2. @Evan...yeah, green is my favorite color after all ;)

    @O'Shashar...Honestly, I have always liked Orks. The possibility for conversions, unpredictability, and painting non-power armored models is sweet.

    Orks can be reasonable in cost (Battlewagon/Nob lists) or very expensive. Depends on your build.

    Lastly, welcome to both of you. Thank you for the input.

    Thanks for the read,



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