Monday, October 17, 2011

A Veritable Sea of Unbuilt and Unpainted Models is My Ork Collection!

The voting poll is coming to a close in only a few hours and the Orks are taking a controlling lead!

Seeing this develop over the last couple days saw me drag out all my stored Ork stuff, snap a few pics, and draw up a loose inventory.

Loose because I started to get fatigued/bored trying to catalog all the odd stuff I have accumulated over the years.

I knew I had a bunch of stuff, but when I actually added it up I was pretty shocked................

 The pics don't show all the painted nobs, tank bustas, storm boyz, deff koptas, etc. that were in my last case...I truly was running out of was a long day.

Let's run down the loose inventory:

Mad Doc/Warboss (painted circa 2000)
3 Big Meks, KFF, Big Gun, plain
5+ Various Warbosses
14+ Nobs (metal/plastic)
7+ Mega Nobs (metal)
6/7 Killa Kans (metal)
1 Dred
2 Scratch build battle wagons with deff rollas (Parts for 2 more)
144 Boyz
 10 Bikes (old)
 3 Bikes (new)
 15 Tank Bustas
 15-20 Lootas or Burnas (new)
 7 Burnas (metal)
 6 Big Shootas
 20 Gretchen
 1 Herder
 10 Stormboyz, nob with claw
 5 Deff Koptas (3 new, 2 old)
 7-10 Buggies/Trakks
 Looted Boom Wagon
 Looted Leman Russ
 2 Pain Boys
 7-10 Trukks (old)
 3 Weird Boys (one converted start to Old Snogwart)
 + whole bunch of bits, extra parts, etc.

 Pretty daunting really. If the Orks win out on the poll, part of the goal will be to make a solid army by end of year in 3000-4000 point range and unload ALL the remaining parts; save 1 large bits box.

Here is just a few of the pics:


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  1. I hope to show my buddy this site and it motivates him to jump start his stalled ork army. 4+ years of him having it and it's still less than 1000pts, even though he plays all the time. Interesting ork collection you have and great looking assassins.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback. Hope I can provide some motivation!

    Thanks for the read,




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